Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kaya the Wonderdog

My sweet Kaya staring at the front door, using her wonder powers to open it with her mind.

This is the face of one patient and persevering dog. She's ever loyal, incredibly funny, and about had it with me lately. 
Ever since we moved into our new neighborhood her patience with me has been tested. You see, this is well-fenced in neighborhood. Most houses have fully fenced in yards, but we do not. We are fenced in on three sides by the neighbors, but that all important fourth side is wide open. And therefore, Kaya the Wonderdog cannot be left outside. 
This bothers her to no end. She suffers from immense peer pressure. All the other neighbor dogs are allowed to hang out in their fenced-in yards, where they get to bark all freaking day long. But I'm the mean mommy who makes her dog stay inside while all the other dogs get to go outside and bark.
Instead, Kaya has nothing better to do than sit at my feet and whimper in horrible jealousy every time all the neighbor dogs start another rousing chorus of Irish drinking songs. (That must be what they are, because there are no other songs sung with such gusto that I know of.) 
I know, Kaya, life just isn't fair sometimes.

Why is my dog so awesome? Because she went to dog training at Balanced Canines!

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