Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Online Dating and Me

Alright kids, I did it. I finally caved to my total lack of a dating life and joined an online matchmaking site (i really, really hesitate to call them "dating" sites. they are meant for meeting and introducing, not to take the place of a date.) I'm never going to meet people in my daily interactions, so it was time to do something, anything, to make friends and meet people.
So match.com it is.
It has been a week, and thus far, I've found little to nothing to be glad I spent money about. (I'm broke people! I carefully spend every dollar. It was a risk spending $39 to meet people.)
So help me make the most of my $39. Help me write my profile. What would you say about me? Describe me to me.
The categories are:
"About me and who I am looking for" (let's find a way to make it clear I like smart guys who don't wear flannel)
"What I do for fun"
"my job"
"my religion"
"favorite hot spots" (kind of a joke seeing as i know nothing about this town)
"favorite things"
And I need a clever headline.

Get to it kids! Suggestions!! Best friend-made profile gets a $20 gift certificate from me to Cold Stone Creamery!


  1. I'm not sure what you want from match. I can't tell if you are serious about a relationship or just want a night out. I will give you some ideas. Update your profile often like a blog. Just write some interesting thing that you are doing that day. Most guys just look at the pictures anyway. But the more frequently it is updated, the more profile views you will get.
    If you want a serious relationship with a member, go ahead and put religion. Only you know what you can tolerate in a dating experience. Also, put your employment status. I got a lot of dates even though I put I was unemployed. Some men even helped with networking. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Who I want to date. More than semi intelligent guys who know what Mensa is, dont wear clip on ties, know more than 3 knots for their tie, dont live in their parents basement, and enjoy Showdown(TM) Tuesday nights on NTN(rather than smackdown on TNT). No bitter guys allowed.

  3. I agree with Melinda. if you want serious, tell me honestly. do not be confused.

  4. I'm with Melinda, be honest. On secular sites I am very clear that I am looking for a Catholic man. I also wrote that if their "religious preference" is "Spiritual" or "No religion" or worse yet, "My own religion" that they may be a very nice guy... but definitely not for me!

    I also state that I think the best relationships/marriages are centered on God. The hierarchy goes like this God, self (yes self) spouse, kids, then job, investments, cars etc. If you're not into that... you won't be into me. I'm not dating for fun people. This is serious business!

    As for employment... I just put my area of expertise... strangers don't need to know details.

    I actually like what you said... "smart guys who don't wear flannel." Just put it out there! Any guy worth your time will think it's funny and if they don't... they're not worth your time anyway.
    Also, a comment like that is always a good opening for a guy to contact you with a one-liner like, "But what if I'm cold?"


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