Monday, November 01, 2010

31 Days of Service Wrap Up

The last 31 Days of Service have been amazing. I have loved every single day of it. I admit, I missed doing service or acts of kindness on 2 days. But still, come on, 29 days isn't too shabby!
I had expected it to be a lot more difficult. I had researched plans to volunteer at a homeless shelter and the animal shelter. But what I found is that there were plenty of other things to do around me. From helping my family out, to doing favors for friends, or church work, I rarely had time to go find those bigger projects I had expected to need to fulfill my goal.
I didn't expect this goal to do so many acts of kindness would be fun. I had expected it to be more of a sacrifice. But really, it just felt good and natural to just do something good each day.
The best part of it was that every Sunday I took a handicapped woman to church. I had expected it to be more of a sacrifice and an inconvenience. But it turned out to be fun, and I really enjoyed getting know her. I was only filling in for someone else, who just happened to need a substitute the same weeks I was looking for a project. But I think I may even volunteer to take her more often.
This won't be the end of my service goals. I intend to try and do one act of kindness for others every day.
To my friends that filled in and helped me out by doing service days for me this past month- THANK YOU! It meant a ton to me to know that my friends would do that for me!

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