Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get your friend a job and you get $500! (now with job listings!)

After 10 months of unemployment I ended my losing streak by becoming a head hunter! No instead of looking for a job, I'm helping others find a job. There's a nice yin-yang to it all. I like it.
But I'm finding there is an interesting discrepancy. Job hunters tend to migrate to the big sites like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. But head hunters are usually not found there. Why? Because it costs big bucks to place jobs there! I am trying to bridge that gap and find the job hunters directly.

How am I going to do this?

I am going to pay you $500 for getting a job for a friend!

Here are the terms and conditions-

You must have your friend email me a resume (in WORD format) to erin dot mcbride at phase3recruiting dot com. In their cover letter they must mention that you sent them to me! (Just sending me an email that says, “Hey, I think Mike is looking for a job, try him!” Will NOT count!)

If I can place your friend in a job between now and December 31, 2010, I will pay you $500! (If for some reason the commission on the job is less than $1,000, your prize will only be 50% of the commission.)

If I can find YOU a job the same offer still stands- I will pay you $500!

Some tips and tricks-

We are an IT placement firm. Chances are much better that I will find a job for someone who works in the IT field.

If you want more details about how this all works (when you would get paid and how) send me an email. This is an offer to my friends and acquaintances only. And not just an offer to the general public at large.

Currently hiring for-

MS SQL Database Administrator - mid to senior-level  - Salt Lake City
Oracle DBA - Senior-- Salt Lake City
Mechanical Engineer- Austin, TX
Illustrator-- Austin, TX
Ruby Developer- Provo, UT
Sr Software Developer C++- Austin, TX
Software Developer (C#.NET)  - Salt Lake City
Software Engineer (C#)- Salt Lake City
Configuration Management - Systems Administrator-- Salt Lake City

For more information on any of these jobs email me at erin dot mcbride at phase 3 recruiting dot com

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