Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harry Potter- 10 years later

It is almost hard to believe that these three little kids-

have grown up to be three of the most recognizable faces in the world!

I remember after seeing the first film I thought, "I hope they invest in some acting lessons for Harry/Daniel Radcliffe. The kid can't act!" I also hoped that Ron/Rupert would grow up to outgrow his goofy face. I'm glad he didn't.
Either way, I cannot wait for the release this week!! I need to find some buddies to go to the midnight opening with me!

This picture alone has me excited. I can't wait to see Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione as Bellatrix acting alongside Harry and Ron!
I think some of the best parts of Harry Potter are wasted on the kids. The incredible talent and legendary actors that the films have brought together really do make the movies that much better. It's no secret that I love to watch BBC miniseries and British films. Every time I see another major British name from one of my favorite BBC shows appear in a Harry Potter film I get excited. Bill Nighy is a new addition to book 7, which is going to be great. I'm a little disappointed they never managed to bring in Colin Firth or Hugh Grant (both who said they would love to have a part), but oh well.


  1. "I think some of the best parts of Harry Potter are wasted on the kids."

    Funny, I just think that many American kids will be more likely to sit down and watch films with Rickman, Bonham Carter, the great Richard Harris, Robby Coltrane--and the list goes on and on and on-- as they get older because of these films. Exposing American kids so young to British actors and the "funny" accents they have; that can only lead to great things as they become teenagers and adults. They'll be more willing to watch BBC and British movies as they get older.

  2. Too bad they are planning to have nudity in the next two movies. That nixes us ever watching them in the theater or on TV unedited.

  3. I'm with you Sherpa. I love British films! I hope that recognizing the familiar Harry Potter faces will encourage not just kids, but anyone, to watch more British offerings.

    Librariman-- I hadn't heard about that till you mentioned it. I looked it up and it sounds like it will be very mild. As in Harry is shirtless and that is about it.


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