Monday, November 15, 2010

Housework and other foul words!

I feel like I have achieved some sort of maturity milestone this week. My parents are coming to visit for 3 weeks. Normally having house guests for any overnight length of time would have sent me into a tailspin preparing the house- doing laundry, dusting, organizing, cleaning places I never clean, re-organizing, scrubbing the places I hate cleaning, etc. But this is a new thing for me- the house is already clean! Other than freshening the linens on their bed, I just have to do the regular daily chores.
I don't have to kill myself cleaning the house this week!
I don't know how to handle this! This NEVER happens!
Is this what growing up feels like?

Disclaimer- I should also mention this is also all made easier because I don't have to go grocery shopping or do extra menu planning for their visit. My mother (who, in case you aren't aware, lives in a country where she is not permitted to go shopping alone, and can't drive herself anywhere) says she is looking forward to taking the car (which will NOT be my stick-shift vehicle) and going for a nice long drive by herself, and then going to the grocery store alone, and walking up and down the aisles by herself. Note how she kept saying "by herself." I am gladly not doing any advance grocery shopping for them. (But I did cut out coupons to help her save on some good deals!)

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