Sunday, November 07, 2010

More adventures in sleepwalking

As I have documented here before, I am a world-class sleepwalker. I'm sure everyone has their daylight savings time change story today, but mine is simply this-
I went to bed relying on the satellite gods to update the clock inside my phone. I woke up in the sunshine, looked at my phone (7:30 am), got up, passed the bathroom clock and it says 10:45. Hmm...
I decided to rely on my phone.
I get dressed, leave at 8:50, get in my car, and it says 10:50.
Wait, shouldn't it say 9:50??
I go back inside and check the microwave clock. 10:50.
Something is very strange here.
And why didn't the alarm clock go off this morning?
I investigate further. Somehow my phone is now set to Central Time. Very strange.
Needing further confirmation, I check my computer, which should also be updated by the satellite gods. 10 am.
I pick up my phone again, right as the alarm clock goes off. It is no longer set for 8 am, and is oddly set for 9:07.
Either the satellite gods are messing with me, or I'm sleepwalking again. Maybe I'll set up a camera to record myself this time. I'd really like to know where it is I hide my shoes in my sleep.

Confessions of a Sleepwalker

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