Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More amusing conversations with children

I recently took Cousin #32 (Miss L) out on a playdate (she's 5). From the moment we got in the car she had a lot to say, not unlike a windup doll that talks a lot. Here are a few gems from that conversation.

Me: Your [big sister] is going to have a baby soon! Are you excited to be an aunt?
Miss L: I am NOT an aunt! Aunts are OLD!
(sidenote- her sister is 20 years older than her. Her youngest aunt is 42 years older than her.)
Me: Oh, so the baby won't call you Aunt L?
Miss L rolls her eyes and in her best DUH voice: No! It's just a tiny baby, it can't talk yet!
the conversation continues on regarding a cupcake we were eating
Me: So what will your sister name the baby?
Miss L: I don't know! I have lots of ideas, but she thinks they are all DUMB!
(i can assure you her sister did not say that to her)
Me: Like what?
Miss L: Well, I think House, or Cat would be nice. But she doesn't like those!
I maintain a straight face.
Miss L: My other sister (age 11) likes the name Katie, but Big Sister thinks that is too much like my friend Kaylee.
Me: You mean your cousin Kaylee?
Miss L: Right, my friend cousin's name is Kaylee. And I have a cousin named Peter. And a (uses hand motions to indicate very tiny, and switches to a munchkin voice) a little tiny cousin name Kendon!
Miss L is about 10 pounds and 3 inches taller than Kendon. They are both little tiny people.

The "little tiny cousin named Kendon" questions Miss L's authority.

We drove past a bright yellow sports car. Historical background: her sister drives a small, tan, compact car.
Miss L: That looks like [big sister's] car. She probably shops there sometimes. That's where we turn to go to my pre-school.
Me: What's the name of your pre-school?
Miss L: Hmm... I don't know. I forget sometimes. I have a brother named Sterling he goes to college because he knows lots of things. I know a lot of things. Like (breaks into full song voice) "God rest ye merry, gentle mint, Let nothing you DISMAY! Remember, Christ, our Saviour,Was born on Christmas DAY! To save us all from Satan's power, bah bah bah bah bah bah, Good tidings of comfort and joy, BAH BAH BAH BAH, Good tidings of comfort and JOY!" Sometimes I just sing bah bah bah bah when I don't know the words and nobody notices. 

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