Monday, December 20, 2010

The Car Accident Story

Almost what the car I hit looks like. I can't find an exact image.

I was in a very minor car accident today. A truly unforgettable, funny, minor car accident. The story goes like this-
Got my first commission check from Phase 3 Recruiting! YEAH ME!!!
Rush off to the bank to deposit the check! (if the story ended here, I would be posting a happy dance today, but alas)
Kept myself from doing a happy dance in the bank.
Went to library.
While leaving the library, backed into a car.
Even after hearing the loud crunch, I couldn't see the car. Even twisted around completely in my seat, I couldn't see the car. The front end of it was so low that I couldn't see it out of my back window. There was an SUV next to me, blocking the view of the taller part of the car.
Got out of car to see the damage. Driver of the other car gets out and asks if I recognize him. I don't.
He takes his hat off and smiles. I still don't recognize him. He's an older man with white hair and a mustache. And a handicapped placard in his car.
Thankfully the damage to his car is incredibly minor. You have to run your hand over it and stand in just the right light to see it. Phew!
The man says, "I'm Brother Hoffman! You're Sister McBride, right? Erin McBride?"
He knows my parents and is in my ward. Oh thank heavens all the bad words stayed in my head, and didn't fall out of my mouth when I hit the car!
"I guess we need to exchange insurance information. I was going to set my grandson up with you, but it turns out you are older than you look."
From there we really did exchange insurance information, and I found out his grandson is 10 years younger than me.
Leave it to me to finally get paid, and then get in a car accident less than 10 minutes later. And then to hit a man from my own ward at that. And not just any man, but an elderly man who knows my name.

(Sidenote- following the car accident I found myself in a conversation with my own brother who couldn't understand something I was saying thanks to my Maryland/Potomac accent, and inability to say "yoo" and "oh" sounds like most people.)

It has officially been one of THOSE days!


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    What a jerk. You could totally do a guy ten years older or younger. Younger men have more stamina in bed. I highly recommend them.

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    My husband is 17.5 years younger. I say GO FOR IT!!

  3. I'd be relieved you hit a nice man who wasn't rude and nasty about the car. He's a sweet old man. Love Brother Hoffman!


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