Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas was lovely!

Our non-traditional Christmas was really enjoyable. Little Sister Steph and I checked into the Hotel Roanoke on Christmas Eve. Our parents are far, far away, and our other siblings live on the other side of the country. So it was just the two of us out for a fun and different want of spending the holiday. The hotel room was a gift from our parents (purchased at an incredibly great discounted price. Seriously, our dinner cost more than the hotel room!)

Here's just a few images from the weekend!
The Hotel Roanoke on Friday night before the snow. 

The outside entrance after the snow on Saturday morning. 

It's not Southern Virginia without a hokie somewhere. If you don't know what a hokie is, chances are you're not from Virginia.

Same hokie, looking much colder. Our hotel room was just above the hokie. He was very shiny all night.

The hotel was hosting a Christmas tree contest. There were 25 beautifully decorated trees throughout the hotel. Naturally, we posed in front of several of them. This "angel tree" was by far my favorite.

Sisters is fancy shoes

Little Steph in front of the main lobby tree. 

The hotel may have had 25 trees throughout it, but our room didn't have one. (There were several families spotted sitting in the lobby by the big tree opening presents though.) So without a tree, we put our presents under the big window.

White Christmas at the Hotel Roanoke

After our fun at the hotel, there were still dinners with cousins, and the annual cousins Christmas movie outing. All in all, it was a very lovely weekend. The 3 days in a row of overwhelmingly delicious mashed potatoes were worth the 4 lbs gained! I love a good green bean casserole, but I think I'm good for another year. But I just might miss the pie. And room service.

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  1. Love the hotel tree!! And what fun to spend Christmas with your sister!


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