Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The day I identified with Barbra Streisand

Last night I watched the movie "The Way We Were" for the first time. There's a few things you should know here before I continue. In my family there is no one single actress more reviled than Barbra Streisand. While one or two of us may admit to liking a few of her songs, no one in our family will ever admit to liking her acting. And if you are the paternal member of our family you will openly discuss how unattractive she is every time her name is mentioned or her music is played.
So really, is it of any surprise that I had not yet seen this particular movie?
The movie itself was incredibly... annoying? I guess I just couldn't get past my politics enough to ever feel sympathetic to a communist party supporter*. Not to mention my personal issues with the lack of good strong female role models in them. This was just another movie where a strong headed woman had to change herself to get a man. And then when she went back to being herself, she lost him! I hate movies (and all other forms of media and stories) that do that!
Also, I will not apologize for spoilers for a movie that is older than I am.
Today I got up and about my business and before long found myself neck deep in a political debate with someone (or multiple someone's as the case may be). And suddenly it hit me. I'm K-k-k-katie. I am just like the Katie from the movie (minus the love for Stalin). I identified with her a little too well. Hot-headed, opinionated, and unable to separate me from my beliefs- I freaking identified with Barbra Streisand. Just shoot me now!
And whatever you do, don't tell my dad! He might disown me for such language!

*Also Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand were both well into their 40s and trying to act and act like college students. MAJOR FAIL. Completely unbelievable. However, on top of all that absurdity, I just found it completely implausible that a man as attractive as Redford (even at his matured age) would ever be with a woman that looked like her. Especially with the shorter/younger hair. It was horrid! And don't get me started on the soundtrack to the movie. Painful. Just painful.


  1. This is very funny! Reminds me of my family with Jane Fonda!

  2. Yeah but... Barbie's character was an immature overbearing obnoxious control freak (Barbie was obviously playing to type). We've never met, but I'd like to think from your writings that you're not *really* like her!

  3. You are ALL idiots! Barbra has the most glorious voice on the planet and as an actress, she is superb. What a bunch of jealous AH's! None of you are worthy or qualified to lick the soles of her Stuart Weitzman pumps (these are SHOES, dopes!).None of you are capable of appreciating true beauty and art forms. Again, you're IDIOTS!!!

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    What about her hands? I've never seen such beautiful, long, tapered fingers. Her skin is gorgeous. And who wouldn't want her figure? Is Meg Ryan the only prototype of beauty?


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