Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dusty gets a family!!

A beautiful family has committed to adopt Dusty!! Donating to Reece's Rainbow works!!
So now let's get Katie a family!

This little doll is HIV+ and in an orphanage in Russia. If she is not adopted within the next 1-2 years she will be turned out to live on the streets. Because she is an orphan and HIV+, no one will give her a job or assistance once she is turned out. She will have no future.
Donating to her fund will help a family be able to afford to adopt her. In the US (or another Western country) she would live a very full life with decent medical care and a family to love her!
And you never know just who might be the family that is lucky enough to adopt this little darling!! It may just be someone you know! (Dusty's family is from my hometown!!)

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