Saturday, December 11, 2010

Justice will be served (we hope)

Prepare yourself for a totally cryptic post. I wish I could be more explanatory and verbose, but it wouldn't be wise to reveal all the details at this time. And yet, I can't keep myself from talking about it.

If you have been reading this blog for a long time, (well, more than 2.5 years anyway) you may recall that a few years ago I was seriously hurt and ripped off by someone. It involved bounced checks and payments I never received. And in the end, I was not only hurt, but I was financially devastated. My ability to trust was absolutely destroyed, and I was seriously depressed for a very long time.

I have long since come to grips with what happened and have moved on. I have long since accepted that I would never get my money back. The anger is gone. The hurt is mostly repaired. And my ability to trust is slowly rebuilding itself. And well, the financial situation took about 6 months to really rebound from, but I did finally get out of that massive hole. (Just to lose my job again 6 months later, and to stay unemployed for nearly 1 year.)

So why bring this all up now? Out of the blue this week, the situation resurfaced. Along with a few other unsuspecting individuals, I am suddenly faced with reliving the situation in a legal battle. (But at least this time I'm not the plaintiff. I'll just be a testimony.) But most of all, I am possibly, finally, going to get my money!

I'm not counting my chicks before they hatch. I know better than that. I have been seriously wounded by the parties involved before. I know better than to get my hopes up, or even get slightly excited that this whole situation is about to really be addressed. But I have to tell you, after nearly a year of unemployment, and of really having no funds at all, this is very exciting. You have no idea how grateful I would be right now to get that money back. To be able to actually thrive for a month (or two or three), instead of just barely survive.

So in your prayers this week, will you do me a little favor? Pray for justice. Pray that those of us who were wronged will finally get what we earned and deserved. I won't ask you to pray for vindication or revenge. I don't believe in that. But you have no idea what it would mean to those of us who were so badly hurt in that situation to finally get what is ours.


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