Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh BBC how I love thee (and then sometimes don't)

Not too long ago I saw the movie the Young Victoria for the first time. I LOVED it. It is beautifully scripted, acted, shot, etc. It is the story of how Queen Victoria became a queen at a young age, and came to marry Prince Albert. It is a romantic love story.
In fact, the whole movie is about the love story. Their romance is the entire premise of the movie.
So you can only imagine my complete and utter surprise when I discovered the BBC mini-series, "Victoria and Albert." The entire premise of this movie is their relationship, and how they weren't in love!
In one movie there is a poignant scene where Albert tells Victoria how he loves her and encourages her to propose to him. (Apparently queens must do the asking. It is improper for someone to propose to a queen. Go figure.) In the other movie, Albert is fearing that she might ask him.
Considering their love, or lack thereof, is the entire focal point of both movies, you would think they would be a little more inline with each other, instead of completely opposite.
What you do find in both movies are scenes about how the fires are set in the palace. And that the Victoria's first real act as queen was to move her mother out of the bedroom they shared. One must conclude that these two events were very well documented. And that their relationship was not.
Of course both actresses portraying Queen Victoria were beautiful. And Prince Albert was quite handsome. In real life? Not so much. But you can see that distinct royal family nose has been around for quite some time!

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