Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Write, write, writing away!

I've been busy writing again! Thanks for putting up with all of my self-promotions!

How to do dating right (Meridian) - I know there is something rather amusing and ironic about me giving dating advice. But nonetheless, here it is.

Jobs by Erin - I've created a new blog with job postings, and some day when I get to it, job seeking advice. Bookmark this page to find the most recent job listings I'm recruiting for! (Don't forget the $500 referral bonus ends on December 31. Get your resumes in now!)

And for the Examiner, I've written about LDS Family Home Evenings (did you know the Church has a website for it now?), CityDeals (and how it saves you money), and another restaurant in Roanoke. I probably won't be writing much more for the Examiner. They have made some content rule changes that work against the incentives of the writers.

And over at my other blog, Cutting Back and Going Green, I have new deals, organic cooking, eco-diamonds, how Coca-cola is saving lives, and information on yoga!


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Coca-cola is killing people. The toxins in their product are unhealthy.

  2. So, how are those dating tips working for you?


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