Sunday, January 09, 2011

Eastern Caribbean

I was thinking about the Peace Corps again today. Okay, so I think about it all of the time. Some applicants have a fairly good idea of where they might end up, due to their specialties. (For instance, "water and sanitation, sub-Saharan Africa." They may not know which country, but they can narrow it down to a geographic area.) Some applicants are nominated for the ever broad reaching category of "education." Which means they could end up just about anywhere teaching English, math, or science.
Me? I got nominated in multiple categories. This is fairly unusual. I know I requested a certain continent (Africa), but I made it clear I was wide open to anything. (And have since changed my mind, and have decided I'm afraid of cold locations. Hot I like. Cold I hate.)
So today, as usual, I was playing with the Peace Corps calculator, putting in the different things I was nominated for, and looking up the different countries. And I just discovered "Eastern Caribbean" on my list of possible places. The possibility is only 2%. Not exactly a strong chance, but a chance nonetheless.
And right now, shivering in this cold, old house, the idea of spending 2 years working with the Caribbean people I love so much, on a tropical island, sounds just about right!

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  1. I am with you on wanting to get assigned to a place that's warm. As I trudged through the mountains of snow I cringed at the thought of being in a cold location. I am definitely not a fan.


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