Saturday, January 01, 2011

High - Lows

Let's have a little fun with the highs and lows of the past week-

Best of the best- it isn't 2010 anymore. That sucker is long gone, never to return. 
Most surreal moment- a flaming gay man with a lisp dressed as a Johnny Cash cowboy, tapping me on the shoulder in the mall and saying, "This shampoo would be great for your hair. It's colored. I know, I'm a professional." While I was shopping for wallets.
Funniest moment- Holding my cooked, whole lobster, I opened the bathroom door that I knew my little sister was standing behind. I slowly inched the lobster up next to her. She turned, she saw it face to face, and she screamed. A lot. Priceless. 
Most cathartic- writing a 7pp character statement about my vile ex-boss. Getting to legally and officially put everything in writing about all of her horrible acts felt really good. Knowing she may finally have to pay for her crimes, felt even better. 

Low moment- my dog is sick again. This will be our 5th trip to the vet in two months. 


  1. I hope your puppy is OK!

  2. Tom Hedkvist, 10-gruppen11:51 PM

    Please support the gay struggle against heterosexual power. We, the gay brotherhood, are determined to rule the world. Join us verbaly and economicaly. Make people change there mind about us and tell them to se us as natural leaders. We have great influence in media and will change the agenda to put down the heterosexual sociaty. Never buy products or services from heterosexuals (worked fine in the village in the 70th, we banished the hetros, now the method is running at Södermalm Stockholm). Christianity and all religions are heterosexual constructions and neds to be changed to benefit homosexual supremacy. Help christian homosexuals to infiltrate and tear down the historical and todays christianity.
    Make the religious people hesitate their beliefs, say that their god and profets are gay, bring a yes-sayer with you (always) that stand on your side, its make it easyer to be convincing. Stand in front of a mirror to train speach with confidence, train to say a convincing "no" if somebody understand that the queer-theory is a facistic ideology.
    Make the gay network global "you must keep networking". The biggest social network that only consume each others services and products wins (they who doesnt belong to the network will consume the networks products and services and concentrate money to the gay network).


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