Friday, January 21, 2011

Love is Actually... for guest bloggers

I'm welcoming guest bloggers again! With the month of love, chocolate, Valentine's, roses, and broken hearts quickly approaching, I'd like to turn the time over to lots of guest bloggers. I'll still be throwing out my 2 cents here and there. But I'd like February to mostly be guest bloggers. The subject- LOVE, and whatever that word conjures up for you. Parental love, love of a friend, dating, heart ache, romance, marriage, a love poem for your dog, little candy hearts with words on them, it is up to you. If you are game, and would like to be a guest blogger for me, shoot me an email (check my profile- it isn't hard to find on here)! And if you are a lurker on this blog that I have never met, you are invited to guest blog as well! The floor is open!

Also, over on my totally wonderful, and yet completely underappreciated blog "Cutting Back and Going Green" I am looking for guest bloggers as well. Potential subjects- organic Valentine's gifts, green-friendly gifts, inexpensive children's school Valentines, etc. Anything homemade is welcome as well! Again, just email me if you are interested!

Deadline: I must have all contributions sent to me by February 1. But please, send me an email saying you are interested first!

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