Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Silver Lining

Today was part 5,373 of my PC physical. And we are still far from over. 2 more doctor visits, a buttload of paperwork, and another drive back to Richmond, at least, and then it will be over. I hope.
I've been on a very strict diet ever since Dec 26. I've been consistently losing weight. Today I got weighed at the hospital as part of my physical again. I was 10 lbs less today than I was 2 weeks ago when I was originally weighed for my physical! (Total weight loss is 18 lbs.) And on top of that, I had another weight loss related surprise.
I've always had the lowest blood pressure ever. We're talking 90/60 was on the high end for me. But after I gained the nasty 30 lbs I've been trying to shake for 4 years, my blood pressure skyrocketed right up into the completely normal range (110/60). It was no big deal. It was in the completely healthy normal range. But I knew. I knew it was high for me, and it was because of those nasty evil 30 lbs.
Today's surprise? 90/60 on the BP again. I was very happy to see that!
And the doctor wants me to write something up to add to my paperwork (MORE PAPERWORK) on how my weight loss is due to dieting and how I have been doing it. Otherwise, she's afraid it will get noticed by the powers that be, and I'll get sent for more testing to see if I'm sickly and losing weight.

This one time? More paperwork is a good thing.

I'll do some before and after pictures, and give you more info on the diet in a few more weeks. I really want to make my goal first, and then share!

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