Friday, January 14, 2011

TV Talk

Let's talk TV!
I actually don't have a TV in my house. I watch all my shows online ( or Hulu- why won't CBS just put their shows on Hulu?!?!), or on my sister's DVR. So I'm a little out of the loop on new shows coming in. I can't remember the last time I watched a commercial (hallelujah!).
So what shows do you like? What are you enjoying this season?
I always love the mid-season introductions. I seem to find all my favorite shows at mid-season replacements!
That being said!
Shows I'm loving, new and old!

The Good Wife- It can be gritty, and is definitely TV14, but I love it. I love the tension between Alicia, Will, and Peter. I love Kalinda, Carey, all of them. Hands down the best casted show on television.

Royal Pains- it comes back in a few more weeks. I can't wait. I will rate this one a G+. Kids wouldn't enjoy it or get it. But it is clean, and yet still intriguing!

Castle- this show keeps getting better and better. Again, a TV14, as all good police detective shows should be. I love Castle so much that I got "Heat Wave" on my Nook this week. And I'm loving it too. I really hope they "publish" his next "book" too.

Off the Map- I'm hooked on just the pilot alone. Of course, this show would totally appeal to a Peace Corps applicant who can't wait to go live off the map herself! Also, LOVE the casting so far (main doctor was in Bride and Prejudice, and one of the baby docs was awesome in guest spots on the Good Wife). HAWT! Inevitably headed for a TV14 rating.

Modern Family- if you aren't watching this show yet, you need to be! I LOVE IT. My parents love it. My sister loves it. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't laugh till it hurts when watching this show!!

The Cape- based on just the pilot, I liked it. But then, it has everything I love about a show. It's campy, fantasy, heart, and has Summer Glau. Really, the only thing missing from this show, (and it shows) is Joss Whedon. Seriously, if he joined up on this show, it would be the best show ever.

Grey's Anatomy- surprisingly, I'm falling back in love with this show. Shows this old tend to get stale after awhile. But this one just seems to be getting better. (Loved the (totally predictable) twist this week.)

NCIS- I will forever and always love Tony, Ziva, Abs, McGee, Ducky, Jimmy, and Gibbs. And sometimes I like Vance. Again, a show that only gets better with time!


  1. My love for Castle is no secret. Have you read 'Naked Heat' yet? Another good read.

    I'm obsessed with Parenthood, The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly.

  2. Now I can't remember if I'm reading Naked Heat, or Heat Wave! I will have to check when I go to bed early in a little bit, just for an excuse to keep reading!
    I'm waiting till the end of this season to buy all of the seasons of the Big Bang Theory to take with me to the Peace Corps. I've only seen 2 eps, and loved them.

  3. I enjoy both NCIS shows, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Eureka, Bones and Tyler Perry's House of Pain. I used to love The Office, but haven't seen that many episodes lately. V is an interesting show too. I often have tv as background noise and have been known to miss entire episodes if I get too focused on a good blog entry or task.

    Amongst all the bad, there are quite a few good shows out there.


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