Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show me the love!

Just how bad I look and feel (see those feverish red cheeks? they burn!) after getting shots today. And lucky me, I'm getting every last one of the potential side effects so far!

I wrote that little column I write on single life and dating this week. This week's topic? Online MEETING, and don't call it dating. Comments on the site are moderated, and the editors are out of town. So I'm secretly enjoying not seeing my comments yet. I know they will get read and approved in a few days, but until then, it is nice not knowing how many people disagree with me.
In other news, I had a legendary sleepwalking experience this week. This time I managed to get up, find my laptop, turn it on, type in my password on a broken keyboard, log in to a website, look someone up, and send them an email - all in my sleep! The best part? The email I sent was amazingly coherent and logical. And the message my subconscious needed to send was, "I was right and you were wrong." I'm pretty sure that says something about me, but I'm not going to dwell too much on what. 
Now, I need your help and a little love. Can you help a girl out? Pretty please?!
I have these other two blogs- Jobs by Erin and Cutting Back and Going Green. They need more love and traffic. Can you help me out and maybe, possibly, put a link to one of them on your blog or on Facebook? These two sites are how I make a little extra money while I'm looking for a job still. Any little bumps to them are greatly appreciated! 

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