Thursday, February 24, 2011

Single People- I'm coming to find you!

Tomorrow, for the first time in over a year, I will actually go to a social event. A singles event! Since leaving my friends in Utah nearly one year ago, I haven't gone to a party, or anything close to it. I haven't been around other singles, or in an environment where parties or social events (that didn't include my cousins) were happening.
More amazingly, I am going to a church/LDS social event. It will be my first one in about 4 years, maybe 5. When I lived in Utah I went to a few church events during my first 6 months there, but then after that, I never heard about any other "official" church activities. (During the 3 years I lived in Utah, I was the only active single woman in my wards.) However, I did go to plenty of parties and social events with friends. They just weren't church activities in Utah. (Someday I will attempt to explain the relationship between the LDS Church, singles activities, and how entrepreneurs are ruining the singles scene in Utah. But that's a story for another blog post. One I may never feel like fulling explaining.)
Anyway, my point!
I'm so ready to get out of Dodge and have fun for 24 hours. I am so ready to just have fun and meet people that I'm willingly driving 4 hours just to do it. Back when I lived in DC I could never understand those people that drove from other towns and states to come to our activities. Six months in Roanoke, and I completely understand now. Four hours, while annoying, is nothing compared to the utter boredom of living here in a vast social wasteland.
I'm pretending in my head that I'm not completely socially awkward, and completely adverse to making small talk with new people. I'm also pretending that I like being alone in large groups of people that know each other and I don't. I'm also pretending that I will not be working a graveyard shift all week, and be needing to sleep during the day when the activity is happening. Because this is my first chance to socialize and be with single people in over a year.
I never thought that I'd be this desperate to be around single people. (Of course, I never knew it would be this impossible to find single people to be around!)
Wish me luck!

PS- I have to add this because its just too typical not to add it. There's a Facebook event page for the activity I'm going to. As of right now there are 22 people attending. 19 women, 3 men. 9 maybes- 6 women, 3 men. This is everything that is wrong, and yet typical, about singles activities. 


  1. Wait - entrepreneurs are wrecking it? I thought it was just the culture in UT.

    Oh, those numbers...that's why I haven't gone to a singles' event in YEARS. Yikes. I hope it turns out to be better than that!

  2. Oh man, we used to drive forever when I was in college just to go to a lame dance...just to be with other Mormons our age was reward in itself!


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