Monday, February 07, 2011

Something not about love at all, just about me

Ever since the day after Christmas I have been on a diet. I had heard about the Ideal Protein Diet from a few friends in Utah, who had been doing it quite successfully. As you may recall, I have tried the HCG diet very successfully in the past. However, my last 2 attempts at HCG resulted in nearly no weight loss whatsoever. Whatever it is that makes that diet work so well seems to have worn off on me. So I quite willingly tried Ideal Protein. 
To describe the diet, it is like Jenny Craig meets Atkins meets HCG. You buy their pre-packaged foods, and supplement with foods nearly identical to HCG foods. This diet is all about finding the appropriate level of protein for you and your body. 
I have been very faithfully on the diet for 6 weeks, ending today. I lost exactly 20 lbs. I wanted to continue on the diet for another 3-4 weeks, so I could hit my goal of 30 lbs, but unfortunately this is my last week to receive unemployment benefits. I just can't keep paying for the diet. I'll be doing my best to continue with a low calorie, low fat, low carb diet over the next 4 weeks, and adding in a lot of exercise to try to reach my goal. 
I am at my lowest weight in years, and that does feel good! It seemed like it took forever to actually lose a dress size. I lost a bunch of weight, but it took a while to actually lose a dress size. My clothes just kept fitting the same as always, but I didn't seem to go down a size. This weekend I was happy to discover that everything felt big and loose on me. 
So today I am sitting in bed, day dreaming of buying new dresses off of (the only place to find dresses that fit my crazy, curvy body- did I mention I lost 12 inches off of my waist, and 2 off my bust, but barely even half an inch off my hips?!), but remembering I have no form of income, so new clothes will have to wait. 
From when I started losing weight 18 months ago, I am now down 40 lbs exactly! My hair is several inches longer, and it is far less blond (by choice) than it used to be. I'm barely recognizing the woman in the mirror these days. I used to be a plump, short haired, blond. Now I'm thin, with dark blond hair, and wear glasses. 

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