Monday, February 21, 2011

thinking ... things

Here's what I think.
I think I have way too much on my mind. Way too much free time, and yet not enough time in the world to get all my thoughts thought out. 
Is that redundant?
Things on my mind at this exact moment-
I applied for a mall job today (4 actually). These jobs are likely to hire much faster than any of the 10 other "real" jobs I applied for today. Do I risk taking a mall job, just to have to quit a few days later? (hopefully!)
Am I ever going to actually get a real job?
And if I do get a real interview for a real job, do I dare tell them about the Peace Corps looming over me in just a few months?
In the new book I am writing, is it more romantic that he doesn't kiss her (because he respects her), or should he just go for it and kiss her because they are in love?
Speaking of which, when is the last time I went on a decent date? Shh... don't answer that. 
Which reminds me, the guy who sent me the email about communing with cows wants to "go to the next level" with me. And by that, I mean he wants to go on a date. I'm pretty sure that the relationship has absolutely no chance for success. But I'm bored. And I'm nice. Do I go out with him anyway? 
If you had all the free time ever (and no funds because you haven't had a job in over a year), and you wanted to make the most of it, what would you do? 
I just remembered where I hid the ice cream. 
I need to go now.

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  1. Melinda2:42 PM

    Go out with him. Flirting skills get rusty when you don't go on dates. If nothing else, it is a free meal.


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