Thursday, March 31, 2011

While you are here

While you are here, and by here I mean surfing the internet for interesting things to see, go ahead and stop over at my other blog- Jobs By Erin. There are several new jobs up there and you just might know someone who needs one!!

While you are here

While you are here, and by here I mean surfing the internet for interesting things to see, go ahead and stop over at my other blog- Jobs By Erin. There are several new jobs up there and you just might know someone who needs one!!

Best of the Blog Part 1

For the next couple of days I am going to be insanely crazy busy, but in a good way. So rather than blog and whine about my insane crazy, or not blog at all as the case may be, I thought I'd resurrect some of my favorite blog posts from the past.

Blast From the Past Part 1- Making Family Fertilizer (also known as, "your family has rules about who can be buried in the cemetery??") Originally posted in August 2007!

So you think your family has issues? Allow me to introduce you to my family and our by-laws. Yes, my family has by-laws. Not just any bylaws. We have by-laws on how and who can be buried in the family cemetery. And according to the new rules, I am not eligible.
Let’s start at the beginning. And by beginning I mean 3 generations back when my great-great grandfather had five children and one mountain in Southern Virginia. Those five children went on to produce nearly 2,000 descendants, with over 1,600 currently living (no polygamy for us, thank you very much!), most of whom still live in Southern Virginia. And on that mountain there is a cemetery which is rapidly filling up with my gene pool.
While a family cemetery on the family mountain sounds quaint, there's a little problem. They only built a cemetery with space for another 355 people. But we have over 1,600 warm bodies waiting to get in, so a few rules were set. First, “double stacking” will now be implemented in the future. Double-stacking?Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Forget six feet under, we’re going ten feet under. We’re getting deep dirt for doubles. When you signed up to marry that person till “death do we part,” you are no longer getting a reprieve with death. You are will now be buried in the same spot, one on top of the other. This isn’t walking side-by-side through life (err death). This is a king-sized grave, tag-team resting place. An all you can eat worm buffet. Shared family footage. Tomb sharing. An eternal time share, if you will. The eternal double-decker bus. It’s not just kicking the bucket, it’s kicking the barrel. When it’s your turn to buy a pine condo, expect to sleep in the basement.
But even with double-stacking we’re still short on space for everyone to take a dirt nap. So we’re building a vault and encouraging cremation. Family members without a spouse to be their eternal sleeping partner are encouraged to consider cremation and be placed in the vault. The family that couldn’t let me forget I wasn’t married in this life now won’t let me forget it in death either. Can’t you just see it now? A whole shelf in the family vault dedicated to all the single cousins, maybe even in matching urns, taking up as little space as possible. I picture a shelf in the back with a marble plaque hanging over our urns, reading, “Did not find happiness in this life,” or maybe, “Did not return with honor,” or “Couldn’t find a date for the big dance so she’s here with her cousin.”
How will I explain that one when I finally meet my eternal companion in heaven? “Sorry, but I’m here with my cousin. We weren’t kissing cousins until after we died. Now I can’t shake the guy.”
(I have put in a request that I be placed in a lovely cement vase with daisies placed in it. If I’m going to be cremated and put on a shelf, I still want to push up daisies! Preferably next to Colette, Michelle and Mark. I think we could have fun raising a little hell together.)
Now let’s say that, sadly, a child dies. Will the child be doomed to eternal damnation on the Singles’ Shelf? Stuck on a shelf all alone? No. They may be buried in a triple-stacker arrangement with their parents. (If you are suddenly and inexplicably craving Wendy’s, you are not alone. Just sick in the head.)
Even with all of these arrangements there are still a few more rules you must comply with for a place in the Ferguson Family Bus to St. Peter’s. All of the obvious rules- such as your headstone must be made out of one of the approved types of stone. Graves will be assigned by the Family Trustees, because apparently we have Family Trustees. No reservations or dibs may be called in advance. And last but not least, you have to be current on your family dues. Yes, family dues. Apparently birthright and bloodline just isn’t good enough around here. Now you have to pay to be in my family. I haven’t paid my dues.Ever.
I guess I will just have to find myself a new family. Preferably one with plenty of space left in the gene garden.

**For the record, and as mentioned before, this post was written almost 4 years ago. A few things have changed in the bylaws since then, but not much. Still no vault for the singles yet either!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Must Love Dogs (to like this story)

I happen to think I have one of the cutest dogs ever. Miss Kaya is my big fat lover dog, my sidekick in all that I do. She's an Australian cattle/shepherd dog, mixed with something (what? I'm not really sure.), a little big for a medium sized dog, and too small to be a big dog. She's incredibly well-behaved, and just all-around awesome (for a dog).
One of her funny quirks is bedtime. Every night we go through the same routine. She starts nudging me and pushing me to go to bed several hours earlier than I care to go. She whines and nudges quite a bit, and I just ignore it, and eventually tell her to just "GO!" and point upstairs. Sometimes she'll go upstairs to the bedroom without me, sometimes she won't. Usually she stays right by me, whining and whining till I go up.
When I do finally go to my room, there's plenty of computer time, reading time, etc, with the lights on long before I go to bed. During this time Kaya will whine, nudge, push me, etc again. Eventually she will either sleep on the floor with her head under the bed until I turn off the lights, or she will attempt to go sneak into another room to sleep. But finally I say my prayers and turn off the light, at which point she jumps up on the bed and snuggles like the pack dog she is, right up against me.
But this week we had a funny little interruption in our routine. Her whining, pushing, and nudging had started right on schedule at 8 pm. I was downstairs but needed something from upstairs, so I got up to go get it. Kaya took my activity as a sign we were actually going to bed. She raced ahead of me up the stairs, the happiest dog you have ever seen. The lights were off already and she literally dove into the bed and claimed her usual position. Seeing this cracked me up. She actually thought I was doing something her way. And so, since I had nothing better to do, I laid down on the bed (fully clothed, on top of the blankets) beside her. She snuggled right up to me, and was instantly asleep. Conveniently I fell asleep shortly thereafter.
I got to thinking about it. My dog never wins her little wants with me. I'm the master, I'm the boss, she's the dog. This was her first ever victory. When I woke up a little bit later, she lifted her head in one big sigh, rolled over, and went back to sleep. When she woke up later, you have never seen a more loving and happy dog. She's always loyal and adoring, but after giving her this stupid little bedtime victory, she loved me even more. I was the recipient of more licks and her "happy nudges" than I ever cared to receive.
This is why dog is man's (or woman's) best friend!
Right now the lights are off, I'm in my bed, but the laptop is glowing brightly. And so my dog has moved down by my feet, away from the light, and is making periodic whining noises to try to convince me to go to sleep.
Sorry, pup. But I still have stuff to do!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poking the hornet's nest one more time

Since I seemed to have stirred up a hornet's nest these past few weeks regarding dating, happiness, single life, etc., I thought I'd have one last little fun jab at it.
The email I am about to share and exploit came to be from a non-secular dating site. The person who sent it to me does not know my name. He knows very precious little about me. He is not LDS. In other words, chances are slim to none that he will ever find and read this blog. Which is the only way and reason I will exploit the following conversation here.

The first email I received from him was one of those lame little "you're cute" wink/flirt things.
I checked out his profile, and found absolutely nothing of interest to me in it. He is not by most women's standards attractive, had poor photos of himself posted, and his personal information was more about his dog than about him.
In other words, he's just not for me. It's that simple.
I like to be polite and not leave people hanging. I think it is rude to not respond when people send winks or flirts. So I sent back the generic little, "Thanks, but no thanks" thing.
And then I got this in response-

You know little to nothing about me as a person. You've never met me, you've never even heard my voice on the phone. Why are you judging me already?
Well, first, this snotty, rude reply is an even bigger turnoff. I was tempted not to respond, but I sat on it a few days and decided to politely explain myself. I'm looking for someone with more education, a different style of humor, and that physically I felt no spark. 
Again he replied.
 I don't even remember writing to you. I NEVER get positive responses and I just want to know why. Am I wrong to feel this way? What if I was to tell you things about me as an individual, such as things I like to to for fun, my personal opinions about certain things, etc. then is it at all possible that maybe you might become interested?

 Seriously, good people of the online dating world- this should never have to be a question. Should he tell me what he likes to do for fun, share opinions, and describe himself as an individual? SERIOUSLY??? 


What the crap else would you put in a profile?? (well, in his case, I know how many times a day his dog gets walked.) These profiles are meant to sell YOU as an individual!!! This is not rocket science!!

People, dating is not a pretty happy world out there. It isn't all Prince Charming sitting around with a dozen roses looking for a woman to sweep off her feet. So maybe you can cut some of us a little slack when we say it is hard to find a good guy. We're busy dodging landmines and idiots to find them. 

And now, unless I do happen to meet a Prince Charming this week, I'm taking a short hiatus from discussing relationships, singles, and dating. (At least until my column comes out next week.) I'm tired!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

tick tock, the clock don't stop

The clock is ticking folks.
My Peace Corps medical app has now been in 6 weeks. In theory, the medical office may actually acknowledge my existence any day now. Chances are still much stronger that they won't acknowledge me for about 4 more weeks, but technically, as of today, it could happen.
For the last 6 weeks I have focused on Plan B. The Plan where I do something with my life if I don't pass the medical round. I've resumed frantically applying for jobs, and accepting responsibilities and long term commitments.
But the little black cloud of "who the heck knows" continues to hang over my head.
I've mentioned the highs and lows of doubt, not knowing, unemployment, etc a trillion times before on this blog. I'm sure you are weary of hearing them. And I think that is one of the hardest parts of being where I am today- we're all weary of hearing about it.
But it doesn't get any easier. I've been without gainful employment for over a year. I've been rejected more times than I care to remember. I've had some incredible highs, generous offers, and wonderful blessings come my way.
Did you know that not once in this entire past year did I have to get by only on the funds I get from unemployment? It is nothing short of a miracle. But each and every month this past year some completely unexpected and crazy event presented itself, and I received extra money. What I get in unemployment insurance doesn't even begin to cover my expenses (and that is even after my expenses have been reduced greatly). This amazing blessing where money has just surprisingly appeared, without once jeopardizing the legality of my unemployment benefits, is undeniable.
And do again tonight, I go to bed trying to focus on the good, the positive, and the blessings. And try to shut those aggravating little voices in the back of my head up. (The ones that wonder how long this trial will go on? The ones that wonder where the light at the end of the tunnel is hiding?!) And say a little prayer that everyone will have a little more patience for me and my situation, and not forget that it isn't easy and that I am trying.
I'm doing my best to make the most of a cruddy cruddy situation. But please, don't mistake my efforts at doing something more and something different, as not trying. I may be throwing myself into volunteer work, but I'm still trying to find a job. Still working for hours each day to find a way off of unemployment. Still trying to find a way to feel useful again. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes, I am a Mormon and PROUD OF IT

Tonight was almost the perfect night. I was enjoying myself immensely, sitting alone in a little sports cafe down the street. It is a family friendly kind of sports bar, complete with a children's menu and everything. I've been there to watch several games now. And of course, it is a bar, so I do expect some bar-like language and behavior to take place. But just to set the picture- when I first walked in there was an entire high school girls' lacrosse team eating dinner. This isn't some dark, seedy, gross bar. It's really much more of a neighborhood, family friendly, and sports friendly establishment.

So there I am watching the BYU v Florida game. I'm at the front table in front of the big screen, in total suspense the entire game. I'm even wearing my Cougars sweatshirt. A dark blue sweatshirt with BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY displayed proudly across the front. I cheered, jumped, and squealed for every BYU basket, and groaned audibly each time Florida inched a basket ahead.

If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about! This was a killer game.

There was a table of Florida fans several tables away. The place was busy, but no one else seemed to be watching the tv sets. The table of 4 younger guys right by me were certainly not invested in the game, but made occasional comments. One of them, we'll call him the Troll, was louder than the rest, and apparently set on getting my attention. After I cheered a little more exuberantly than usual he said, "What are you? The one BYU fan in the place?" I laughed and said, "Looks like it!"

Multiple times throughout the game he attempted to chat me up or flirt. (Thankfully only during c-breaks.) But his language was so foul he had no hope with me. Apparently he only knows two words for all adjectives, nouns, and verbs. Go figure! But wow can he string those two words together to make a colorful, and disgusting, statement.

Now again, I'm in a bar. I don't expect Sunday School language to be used. But his language? Could make a Marine blush. I seriously covered the ear closest to him several times during the game so I could block him out.

So the sad end of the game came, and I was 4 Diet Cokes for the worst. In other words, I was about to explode. I quickly through my cash on the table (not even waiting for the waitress), and rushed out. The Troll called out, "@#$%^ great game, eh?"

I couldn't help myself. I replied, "Sure was! Would have been better if I hadn't had to hear your cussing the whole time!" And, ready to burst into a puddle, continued to rush out.

He yells out, over the whole cafe, "OH YOU ARE A MORMON!!" His voice full of disgust.

Seriously, I just sat there not drinking alcohol for 2 hours watching a BYU game, and this comes as a surprise to him?!

I smiled, turned back around, waved my hands over my head - the whole cafe watching, and said, "YES I AM!" And kept rushing for the door.

He yells out, even louder to make sure I hear him a whole 20 ft away by the door, even though the whole family friendly restaurant was silent at that point, "WELL @#$% YOU!!!"

And I was out the door, no response. But that was a first. Cussed out loudly in front of an entire restaurant just for being a Mormon. Way to stay classy, America.

Am I wrong to be offended? I did nothing to him. I'm sure in a few hours I will be over it. But seriously folks, how rude!! How completely unnecessary and rude!! Why is it still okay to insult people over religion? Particularly my religion?! I didn't ask him to be quiet. I didn't ask him to move. I sat there doing my best to not hear his offensive language all night. Maybe he comes from a world where using the F bomb five times in a sentence to describe just how much he likes his burger is appropriate? I just don't.

It was almost the perfect night. BYU almost won. And I almost didn't have to experience being cussed out in front of an entire restaurant.

PS- Funny Sidenote-
I was live tweeting during the bulk of the game (anything to ignore the Troll). And apparently I got picked up and retweeted by the official March Madness account!

Making a list and checking it twice- for important personality traits

My thinking spot

I frequently have boys on the brain. Actually, I'm too grown up to say “boys” now, I should say men. This hasn't changed much about me since I was in the fifth grade. However, it was just this week that I had an epiphany. It turns out I have a type! A physical one that is.
I never saw this coming before. I've dated and crushed on many shapes and sizes, but in a quick comparison of my top three “celebrity crushes” I came to realize I have a very specific type.
No, I won't be sharing with you who they are, because it is what I learned next that matters most.
I realized that while physically I seemed to be attracted to a very specific look, that I also have a very specific personality type I am attracted to as well.
My BFF Jules would tell you that personality type is “douchebaggery.” I tend to disagree. I think they were not so bad in the beginning, but many of them turned out to be not so great by the end.
I did some soul searching on the personality type and came to realize it was never going to work. That this type that I seem to be drawn to is lacking in traits I find to be essential and important. And so I sat down and went to work (with my handy dandy pen and notebook that is never far from me), and made a list.
I dug down deep to identify very specific traits that mean something to me. Nothing frivolous (like hobbies, activities, or appearances) about it. But true personality characteristics that make all the difference in the world to me.
The next thing I did was compare those traits against every single LDS man I know (mostly by reviewing my Facebook friends lists and other places as well). And I asked myself “is he like this? Would he be like that? Are his actions compatible with what I am looking for?” And never once did I consider his physical appearance. I just checked them off based entirely on spiritual and personality traits.
There were several hundred men to start with, which was quickly whittled down to a few dozen. And then, by the end, 8 remained. Out of approximately 400 men, I could only say with certainty that 8 of them possessed the personality traits that mattered most to me.
Now before anyone thinks I put silly things like “must love dogs,” or “must enjoy dancing” on this list, I did not. (Though come to think of it, I am a package deal. The snoring dog beside me may not appreciate being left out.) The list did include things like, “Should teach with patience and love.” “Should exercise great tolerance for and of others.” “Should put the Lord first in all things, and consider me to be an equal, not a step behind.” “Should be constantly improving himself spiritually and mentally.” (Note the difference between the words "must" and "should.")
Based on nothing but pure personality traits, and nothing trivial, I went from several hundred men to only 8 men, maybe less.
So now what do I do with this list? Is it possible to date only on personality traits and hope for a connection? And what if there is no connection with any of the 8? And is 8 all I can hope for?!
In full disclosure, several months ago I did ask out one of the men on this list. It had occurred to me what a great guy he is, and that I'd like to get to know him better. I asked him out and he said no. Actually he said no, and then later clarified if I had asked him out because he wasn't sure. And then he still said no. So I'm not sure if he's still one of the 8 or not.
What do I do with this list and knowledge? Keep in mind, proximity is an issue. The nearest man on this list is about 300 miles away. Most are much much further.
But again, I ask, is it possible to date purely on personality traits and not on physical ones? And do you think it would have better success rates?
I open the discussion to you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you like me? Do you really, really like me?

Can you believe it? I have a fan page on Facebook. Crazy I know. But between a column, Twitter, a blog, and Facebook, believe it or not, there are still things in this world I want to keep private. While I do appreciate that so many readers of my column want to be friends on Facebook, I'm not quite comfortable adding everyone. And so a fan page it is!
So I invite you to "Like" me at the A Single Thought by Erin McBride Facebook page! Something I never in a million years thought I would need or have!
For those of you already my friend on Facebook, I promise that the more "fans" I have, the less I will be filling up my personal account with links to my column and related material! I'm also hoping that the fan page can be a fun place for LDS singles to talk to each other, and share events and activities!
So "LIKE" away! Share away!

Pass of all Passes Continues (Salt Lake and Utah Counties)

The CityDeals Pass of All Passes continues! And it lives on in both Salt Lake and Utah Counties!
Tickets to Seven Peaks (Salt Lake versions), the Utah Blaze, Utah Grizzlies, Rocky Mountain Raceway, and need I remind you - REAL SALT LAKE GAMES!!!

And that's just the Salt Lake County version.

The Utah County version gets you into - Seven Peaks (Provo version), Trafalga, Owlz home games, and Utah Flash games!

Again kids, that is a $39.95 price on a $327 package.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keep on Trekking On

It is official. The Summer of the Teenager is upon me. I will be both attending our annual church Girls Camp (as the congregation "ward" leader), AND as an assistant on the Youth Trek.
Let's talk Trek first. Every few years or so it is tradition that for the summer youth conference that the youth re-enact the trek west of our pioneer forefathers. Back in the 1840s (and then some) our pioneer Mormon ancestors were forced from their homes in Illinois (and Missouri- where an actual extermination order was put upon them), and they took both covered Conestoga wagons (if they had that sort of money) and teams of oxen or horses, OR they pushed handcarts. Most pushed handcarts all the way from the Mississippi River to Utah. That's a little over 1,000 miles, and not over the nicest terrain.
And now, in honor of our ancestors, and to learn more about them, every few years or so our church youth reenact a small version of the pioneer trek. We dress like pioneers, push handcarts, sleep under the stars, and cook over a fire.
The truth is, I missed out on my chance to do this as a teenager myself. I always wanted to do it when I was younger, but the opportunity didn't present itself. So when asked to go along as a helper this week, I said yes.
This is going to require some serious physical preparations. We'll be pushing handcarts in late June, in Virginia heat and humidity, in pioneer skirts, bloomers, and bonnets, across and up a mountain. I need to up my strength and endurance!
So my goal, starting today, is 5 miles a day either outside or on my treadmill. And maybe in a few weeks adding ankle weights. And then adding a few more miles a day.
Ay yi yi.
I got some work to do!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Also, let's not forget my Mason Patriots are still holding strong!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help me choose!

So I've been thinking about starting a new blog. I have multiple topics in my head, but I don't have the desire to write on all of them at the same time. There does come a point where a girl can have too many blogs!
So help me decide- which topic should I make my new blog about?
The losing topics will just have to settle for getting talked about a lot over here on this my every day blog, and not getting the in-depth research and attention the other blog will get.

So should it be-

1. Footballer Fan Girl - and by footballer, I mean soccer. And by soccer I mean Real Salt Lake. And also focusing primarily on the MLS, and other major soccer issues internationally on occasion. (For instance Ronaldo's abs.) (What? They deserve some attention!)

Don't read too much into this picture. It came up in a google search, and I found it ironically amusing.

2. Politics - from the completely undecided voter's point of view, who just happens to live in the very right wing, Christian, south, and yet has joined the Peace Corps, and is very much a libertarian?

3. LDS Youth activities- sharing ideas what do and don't work for working with the youth? (this will require a lot of guest writers)


Let's talk brackets, my friends!
So for the first time in my personal history, all three of my alma maters have made it to the tourney. BYU, GMU, and Texas A&M. And, even stranger than that, all three have a fighting chance.
Obviously, I had just to go with a completely loyalty based bracket as a result. I also made a not so loyal bracket that took Ohio over GMU to the finals, and Notre Dame over A&M. And I still can't really decide what to do about BYU without Brandon Davies, so I took them all the way. What? I had to take one of my schools all the way, right?
So here you have it, my dream Final Four, where I will get to wear my Mason t-shirt under my A&M sweatshirt, while wearing a BYU hat. In the end, I put Mason up against the Cougars, mostly because I'm more loyal to them, than I am to A&M.
Maybe not the most practical bracket ever. But a girl can dream!
Also, how grateful am I for the smoke-free, with wi-fi, no cover charge, nice and clean, almost family friendly, sports bar walking distance from my house? 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sneezing All-Stars

I have sneezed an amazing number of times today. 
Really, it is quite impressive. 
At some point in the day (after taking claritin, sudafed, and some other drug ending in -phed to no avail) I started  making up my own lyrics to Smash Mouth's popular old hit "Hey Now."
Would you like to hear them? 

Somebody once told me the sneeze is gonna hurt me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb
Which is better than up her no-ose

Well the sneezes start coming and they don't stop coming
I don't know the words and I hit the ground running
Did it make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart and your brain goes numb

So much to do so much to sneeze
If only I could stop with the snee-eze
You'll never know if you don't go
But I think my head is about to blow

Hey now you're an All Star, get your game on - go sneeze
Hey now you're a Rock Star, get the show on - get sneeze
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

That's all I've got so far.
I never said they were good lyrics. 

You know what's a funny word? 

Want to guess how many benadryl I took an hour ago? 
Who's got three thumbs and is feeling a little loopy?
Pardon me, I have to go sneeze again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

There are times in your life where you have the choice to follow an urge/prompting/instinct and do the unlikely thing. This weekend I followed a strong urge/prompting to attend a friend's wedding. Following that prompting lead to a perfect example of "right place, right time." Not only did I get to see my friend get married (it happens! a 40 year old woman got married for the first time!! There is hope for the rest of us!!), but I also got to see several wonderful people. Some of the most influential and wonderful people in my life were present for the wedding, and it felt so good to get to see them and hug them!
For months now I have felt "off track" or like I have been spinning my wheels, wondering why I am stuck in this position, and how long it might last. On Saturday so many little things came together to turn into several great things, that I knew I was in the "right place at the right time."
From the wedding, to visiting a friend, to a random conversation with a complete stranger in a bathroom stall (true story) that lead to crucial information - it was the perfect day. I couldn't have asked for more!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sleepwalking (again)

As well documented on this blog, I am a sleepwalker. Just a few weeks ago I shared with you how I sent an email to someone in my sleep, just to tell him I was right and he was wrong.
A few days ago I turned on my Nook after a whole week of not using it, and there I found a little surprise.
Actually the first surprise was my bank account when I saw a HUGE sale to Barnes and Noble. That's when I rushed to my Nook. Yes, somehow in my sleep I managed to download such gems as Dracula (just not something I would normally download), Dawn of the Dreadfuls (definitely not something I would read), Lose Weight Without Dieting (have you met me? I love dieting!), Little Women (which I actually love, but I already own 2 copies), Awakened (there's something resembling a vampire on the cover), Wench (no comment), and a few others. Oh and the Wall Street Journal, which I might actually read since apparently I've subscribed to it.
So either someone with a vampire and zombie fetish who knows how to work a Nook had some fun at my expense (which is highly unlikely seeing as my Nook is always in my purse, which is always by my side), or the sleepwalking me as a very ironic taste in literature. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Women and Men, Cats and Dogs

Over at Meridian Magazine today, I share a little tough love with the single men of the world. And I know without any doubt that what I have to say is making more than a few people angry.
There's women of an older generation disagreeing with every last word I wrote. Men whining that it can't possibly be their fault (although I guarantee you none of them are trying very hard). And there's a lot of single women in their 30s singing Hallelujah, someone understands me!
If you don't know what I'm talking about - go check it out.
And after you have read it (and feel free to leave a comment), feel free to come back here and read these other two articles that don't disagree too much with me either!
(my article) How the Sexual Revolution Killed the Common Date
Where Have All the Good Women Gone
Why Are Men Angry

Monday, March 07, 2011

It Matters to Me (or You, as the case may be)

Over the past few weeks I've had ample opportunities to think about things that are important to other people, and how those things should or should not effect my life. Simply put, sometimes we should feel a sense of love and duty, maybe even call it charity, to do something (whether that be attend an event, listen to a story, send flowers, buy a gift, put on a nice outfit, etc) because something is important to someone else.
I think one of the greatest marks of maturity and charity is when we reach a point where we do something to show love and respect for another person's interests without thinking twice or complaining. Or especially when we do these things at a sacrifice to our own conveniences and luxuries.
How often do we selfishly skip out on a party celebrating someone else because of the (usually minor) inconvenience it would cause us?
Or choose not to get dressed up for a special event because you just didn't care?
In a truly loving and charitable world, we wouldn't think twice about loving other people so much that we would do things to show respect for what matters to them, even when it doesn't mean that much to us!
There are so many times we let others down on what was a special occasion to them, all because it was a minor inconvenience to us.
If it is important to them, it will be important to me! This will be my new motto!
If it matters to you, it will matter to me!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


The last two days have been all about my darling cousin Merry Brooke's wedding. She is my 14th (I think?) cousin to get married on that side of the family. It is always fun to get together for big family weddings, spend time with cousins, and just celebrate together.

MB married Aaron. I have actually known of Aaron for at least 6 years. He and I grew up just a few minutes away from each other, and have many friends in common. However, we never really knew each other- just of each other. It is interesting how someone from your past can one day become a permanent part of your future like that! He was just a guy I knew in passing, and now he and I will share kin. Welcome to the family, Aaron.
(He also makes the second Aaron in the family. So now we have an Erin, Aaron, Aaron, and Arianna.)

It was a lovely wedding, and lots of fun to see everyone.

Congrats MB and AB!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Peace Corps Update

Did you know this week marks the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps?
I thought it was about time I give y'all the update. Which is to say, there is no update. My medical and dental kits have been turned in. I've passed the dental exam. And it takes roughly 7-12 weeks to get the medical cleared. I'm expecting a response no sooner than May 1.
Until then there just isn't much to report. I'm watching the political events of North Africa unfold with a great deal of interest. The expectation is that all will be fine in Morocco, but a lot can happen in six months.
I've started to remember that while all signs indicate I will be going to Morocco, that nothing is guaranteed. When Placement finally reviews my dossier they could decide to send me to outer Mongolia. And oh how I wish I was joking.
So there you have it. No news is good news!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

sleep deprived ramblings of a mad woman

It is 4:45 am. I just think you should know that before you read on too far. Heaven only knows where my brain may take us at this time of the night, or morning, as the case may be.
Did you know that Hulu doesn't post the previous day's shows until approximately 6 am? I'm guessing this is because Hawaii has to watch everything in prime time before they can go live online. I really do not agree with this time. I would much rather prefer my shows go live around 3 or 4 am. But alas, the networks don't care what I think.
Also, just so you know, CBS, (who doesn't post their shows on Hulu) puts up their shows at 5 am. Which means in 15 minutes I can get around to watching NCIS. And I do love me some NCIS.
My new life of working nights has been good and busy. I'm grateful to be working. Happy to be helping a family member. But wishing, oh so very badly, that my body would make the transition to vampire just a little bit smoother. A million moons ago I worked as a 911 operator. I had a rolling schedule back then where we would work 3 days, 2 nights, 3 off, then the next week 3 nights, 2 days, 2 off. My poor body really never accepted that lifestyle well. I had to use food to keep myself awake, no matter what time it was. I was tired at night and I was tired during the day.
Not surprisingly, I gained a good 15-20 lbs in just the first 3 months of working there.
I'd really rather that not happen again! I just barely lost 20 lbs! I don't want to have to lose it again!
But things are good here, folks. All good things going on, well, except my serious lack of sleep. I had a great weekend, the week is progressing nicely, and I'm excited to go to my cousin's wedding this weekend. (Cousin, are you reading this? I think you are. See you Friday! Also, can you arrange for cute single men my age to be there? K? Thanks! I promise to bring you an extra nice gift in exchange.)
But let's change subjects completely.
Want to hear something cool?
Out of the blue, and I do mean out of the clear blue sky, I got an email from one of my personal role models this week. I've complained often enough (mostly in my column, but in other places as well) that there is a serious lack of good, strong, LDS, professional, single women role models. It is hard to find someone to look up to that you can really relate to. (There are excellent, good, strong LDS women in this world. It is finding the single professional ones that is so hard. We just don't recognize or notice them very often.) But this woman (who, for the moment I will not reveal), does a great job of balancing everything. She is married now, but at one time she was a divorced, professional, mother. She's a professional motivational speaker and author. I heard her speak when I was younger, and have admired her ever since.
So you can only imagine my complete surprise when she contacted me! Her note was kind and thoughtful, and just blew me away. It made me really wake up and realize how often we don't know who is watching us. Then today I got a text from "Little." She told me she had a dream about me and my dog. In it she referenced something that I have never said or done with her. But it sounded just like something her mom would say. It made me laugh at first. But again, it made me realize how important setting an example can be. Her mother has set a certain, good example. And now Little assumes that because that is important to her mother, it would also be important to me. (J- since I know you'll be reading this- it was about not using crazy nail polish cause it would look bad at work.)
I'm not sure where I'm going with this. After all, it is almost 5 am, and I'm a little delirious. (I really do hold up very well until right about 4 am. And then I hit the wall!)
I guess what I'm saying is, you never know who is watching, and what sort of impression you are leaving on them.
Now, if you don't mind, Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is waiting for me. And I hate to keep a man waiting.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Salt Lake County Pass of All Passes for $39.95

CityDeals is excited to announce the new Salt Lake County Pass of All Passes.  Enjoy the all new Seven Peaks Peaks Water Park in Salt Lake City (formerly known as Raging Waters Water Park). The pass also includes admission to some of the best sporting events Utah has to offer!  

This exciting new deal is a $327 value for only $39.95 at checkout; that's an 88% savings!  

The pass includes--
Unlimited admission to Salt Lake Seven Peaks (formerly Raging Waters)
Utah Blaze -  Unlimited admission to all home games
Rocky Mountain Raceway - Admission to 6 preselected events
Utah Grizzlies - Admission to 4 preselected hockey games
Real Salt Lake - Admission to 4 Major League Soccer home games

The Salt Lake County Pass of All Passes won't last long.  This is pretty much the best deal ever. Take it from someone who spends at least $39.95 each time she goes to an RSL game. This isn't just for the kids, buy it for the kids and the water park, and enjoy all of the rest of the tickets for some fun grown up adult time. 

You know, if I was a single man or woman in Utah, I'd buy this deal for the great, and yet cheap, dates!!!

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