Thursday, March 17, 2011


Let's talk brackets, my friends!
So for the first time in my personal history, all three of my alma maters have made it to the tourney. BYU, GMU, and Texas A&M. And, even stranger than that, all three have a fighting chance.
Obviously, I had just to go with a completely loyalty based bracket as a result. I also made a not so loyal bracket that took Ohio over GMU to the finals, and Notre Dame over A&M. And I still can't really decide what to do about BYU without Brandon Davies, so I took them all the way. What? I had to take one of my schools all the way, right?
So here you have it, my dream Final Four, where I will get to wear my Mason t-shirt under my A&M sweatshirt, while wearing a BYU hat. In the end, I put Mason up against the Cougars, mostly because I'm more loyal to them, than I am to A&M.
Maybe not the most practical bracket ever. But a girl can dream!
Also, how grateful am I for the smoke-free, with wi-fi, no cover charge, nice and clean, almost family friendly, sports bar walking distance from my house? 

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