Monday, March 07, 2011

It Matters to Me (or You, as the case may be)

Over the past few weeks I've had ample opportunities to think about things that are important to other people, and how those things should or should not effect my life. Simply put, sometimes we should feel a sense of love and duty, maybe even call it charity, to do something (whether that be attend an event, listen to a story, send flowers, buy a gift, put on a nice outfit, etc) because something is important to someone else.
I think one of the greatest marks of maturity and charity is when we reach a point where we do something to show love and respect for another person's interests without thinking twice or complaining. Or especially when we do these things at a sacrifice to our own conveniences and luxuries.
How often do we selfishly skip out on a party celebrating someone else because of the (usually minor) inconvenience it would cause us?
Or choose not to get dressed up for a special event because you just didn't care?
In a truly loving and charitable world, we wouldn't think twice about loving other people so much that we would do things to show respect for what matters to them, even when it doesn't mean that much to us!
There are so many times we let others down on what was a special occasion to them, all because it was a minor inconvenience to us.
If it is important to them, it will be important to me! This will be my new motto!
If it matters to you, it will matter to me!

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