Sunday, March 06, 2011


The last two days have been all about my darling cousin Merry Brooke's wedding. She is my 14th (I think?) cousin to get married on that side of the family. It is always fun to get together for big family weddings, spend time with cousins, and just celebrate together.

MB married Aaron. I have actually known of Aaron for at least 6 years. He and I grew up just a few minutes away from each other, and have many friends in common. However, we never really knew each other- just of each other. It is interesting how someone from your past can one day become a permanent part of your future like that! He was just a guy I knew in passing, and now he and I will share kin. Welcome to the family, Aaron.
(He also makes the second Aaron in the family. So now we have an Erin, Aaron, Aaron, and Arianna.)

It was a lovely wedding, and lots of fun to see everyone.

Congrats MB and AB!

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