Friday, March 04, 2011

Peace Corps Update

Did you know this week marks the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps?
I thought it was about time I give y'all the update. Which is to say, there is no update. My medical and dental kits have been turned in. I've passed the dental exam. And it takes roughly 7-12 weeks to get the medical cleared. I'm expecting a response no sooner than May 1.
Until then there just isn't much to report. I'm watching the political events of North Africa unfold with a great deal of interest. The expectation is that all will be fine in Morocco, but a lot can happen in six months.
I've started to remember that while all signs indicate I will be going to Morocco, that nothing is guaranteed. When Placement finally reviews my dossier they could decide to send me to outer Mongolia. And oh how I wish I was joking.
So there you have it. No news is good news!

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