Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes, I am a Mormon and PROUD OF IT

Tonight was almost the perfect night. I was enjoying myself immensely, sitting alone in a little sports cafe down the street. It is a family friendly kind of sports bar, complete with a children's menu and everything. I've been there to watch several games now. And of course, it is a bar, so I do expect some bar-like language and behavior to take place. But just to set the picture- when I first walked in there was an entire high school girls' lacrosse team eating dinner. This isn't some dark, seedy, gross bar. It's really much more of a neighborhood, family friendly, and sports friendly establishment.

So there I am watching the BYU v Florida game. I'm at the front table in front of the big screen, in total suspense the entire game. I'm even wearing my Cougars sweatshirt. A dark blue sweatshirt with BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY displayed proudly across the front. I cheered, jumped, and squealed for every BYU basket, and groaned audibly each time Florida inched a basket ahead.

If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about! This was a killer game.

There was a table of Florida fans several tables away. The place was busy, but no one else seemed to be watching the tv sets. The table of 4 younger guys right by me were certainly not invested in the game, but made occasional comments. One of them, we'll call him the Troll, was louder than the rest, and apparently set on getting my attention. After I cheered a little more exuberantly than usual he said, "What are you? The one BYU fan in the place?" I laughed and said, "Looks like it!"

Multiple times throughout the game he attempted to chat me up or flirt. (Thankfully only during c-breaks.) But his language was so foul he had no hope with me. Apparently he only knows two words for all adjectives, nouns, and verbs. Go figure! But wow can he string those two words together to make a colorful, and disgusting, statement.

Now again, I'm in a bar. I don't expect Sunday School language to be used. But his language? Could make a Marine blush. I seriously covered the ear closest to him several times during the game so I could block him out.

So the sad end of the game came, and I was 4 Diet Cokes for the worst. In other words, I was about to explode. I quickly through my cash on the table (not even waiting for the waitress), and rushed out. The Troll called out, "@#$%^ great game, eh?"

I couldn't help myself. I replied, "Sure was! Would have been better if I hadn't had to hear your cussing the whole time!" And, ready to burst into a puddle, continued to rush out.

He yells out, over the whole cafe, "OH YOU ARE A MORMON!!" His voice full of disgust.

Seriously, I just sat there not drinking alcohol for 2 hours watching a BYU game, and this comes as a surprise to him?!

I smiled, turned back around, waved my hands over my head - the whole cafe watching, and said, "YES I AM!" And kept rushing for the door.

He yells out, even louder to make sure I hear him a whole 20 ft away by the door, even though the whole family friendly restaurant was silent at that point, "WELL @#$% YOU!!!"

And I was out the door, no response. But that was a first. Cussed out loudly in front of an entire restaurant just for being a Mormon. Way to stay classy, America.

Am I wrong to be offended? I did nothing to him. I'm sure in a few hours I will be over it. But seriously folks, how rude!! How completely unnecessary and rude!! Why is it still okay to insult people over religion? Particularly my religion?! I didn't ask him to be quiet. I didn't ask him to move. I sat there doing my best to not hear his offensive language all night. Maybe he comes from a world where using the F bomb five times in a sentence to describe just how much he likes his burger is appropriate? I just don't.

It was almost the perfect night. BYU almost won. And I almost didn't have to experience being cussed out in front of an entire restaurant.

PS- Funny Sidenote-
I was live tweeting during the bulk of the game (anything to ignore the Troll). And apparently I got picked up and retweeted by the official March Madness account!


  1. I'm sorry you had to experience that.
    And I hope the crowd in that bar gave him what-for when you left. (what a perfect case for a John Quiones What Would You Do scenario)

    I believe most Americans aren't like that. (mormon stereotyping) I may be wrong but I still choose to believe it. That's something I like about the Blogosphere... so many women writing and reading in support of each others' faith, personal choices and personal trials. Oddly, the blogosphere is what gives me hope for humanity some days.

    The other day, someone made a crack to me about Mormons and polygamy.... I shut him down with, "Now that's not nice. In fact, it's ignorant." He quickly succumbed... because he didn't really believe it either... he just wanted to crack a joke. Dumb.

    Also... there is a guy I work with who, in an office environment... can't say 10 sentences without the F word in at least three of them. AT WORK!! In a discussion about computer components!!!

    If only he could hear himself.

    Maybe you could shut someone like the Troll down with a calm... "It's not that I'm greatly offended, it's just that it makes you sound so uneducated."

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Huh. I've never had someone like that, even on my mission in Iowa. I had some real amazing people, but I think as far as aggressiveness and hate, yours wins.

    _Dave Todd (From Facebook)

  3. Funny - I work with young farmers who have the foulest mouths, I just give them the stink eye and they pull their heads in. Just last week one of them was telling me about all the Missionaries who would come to visit them on their farm and how they used to set their dogs on them (they weren't biting dogs) and wondered out loud why that happened so often. I told him it was cause God loved him and wanted him to join the Church, to which he replied "Not fing likely!" but in a nice way. I then pointed that he actually grew up in am area heavily populated with Mormons, which he never knew. He didnt swear that much around me after that.

  4. As a non LSD. .. I'm befuddled by David's comment "even in (sic) Iowa" . Is there some universal truth about attitudes in Iowa that a farm girl from the Nebraska /Iowa border wouldn't understand? (Besides missionaries being looked at as annoyances? )

  5. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I'm not sure that you were cussed out for being a Mormon. After all, he didn't seem to mind the Mormon paraphanalia and cheering until after you made the comment about his language. You made it obvious you were Mormon. Sounds more like he was embarrassed about the rejection and upset that you criticized his language. He was retaliating.


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