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Funny Kid Quote of the Day

Today rocked. Did I mention that yet? Because seriously people, I wish I could tell you more, but it was just plain awesome for a million different reasons.
One of those reasons? The following conversation.
I had driven up to see my cousin Karlee and her 3 kids for the evening (and to celebrate the awesomeness of the day).
This little dude is Keith-

As can be the case in our family, understanding the differences between cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends, can be very confusing. (Our generations overlap considerably.) Keithy asked several times who I was. We finally agreed I am not his uncle, because those are boys, and that maybe I am Queen Zerin of all the Land.
He asked me where I live. I said, "In your grandma's basement." (Which is partially true. I move there this weekend, and that is where he has most recently seen me.)

Did I mention I was wearing this shirt?

It was my favorite H&M shirt. Kind of fun, lightweight, with big bold stripes. I thought it was cute. …

Worst ad in a very long time

I can't be the only girl who looked at this ad and thought, "Is that a...? And you want to give me one more free night of that? No thank you!"
I'm pretty sure they mean for it to be a feather, maybe? I really can't tell. All I can see is a tamp0n. And no, I don't want to reserve one for the weekend.

Voice to Text Translation

By now everyone has heard of Da*n You Auto Correct, right? Well it is time someone started a sister site for voicemail to text translation fails!!
Both my parents and I have this little service on our phones. Today my dad sent me this gem of the text version of a voicemail I left him- 
"Hi I was trying to tell you that I finally booked my flight to Salt Lake. I'm laughing because I booked them out of place price lines of course they told her you know multiple airport they could take me out of it when it birds and hang out of Dallas. It was ridiculously expensive and I couldn't get a flight so I booked it yet was like alright we'll just try my life and see what happened if I stay out of round up in Charlottesville Lynchburgand all that and it took me out of Charlottesville. I live in Charlottesville, Dallas and Dallas nonstop in Salt Lake which actually think about it think about it. The return flight in Salt Lake to Dallas nonstop and then I booked four hours a way over…

Up and Adam

Today should finally be the day, kids! We're THISCLOSE to several major things in my life finally resolving and coming to what just might be a happy ending! THISCLOSE!!
There is also a chance that everything is one breath away from falling apart. And we don't want that. We do not want to have to start all over again and rebuild!!
I'll be holding my breath all day waiting for the magic to happen. You just keep your fingers, toes, and other appendages cross, okay?
I swear if there is another delay in everything resolving today I may throw a fit and pee my pants. And that wouldn't be pretty!! So I'm going to get up, run my morning two miles, tame my crazy humidity hair into submission, and then go make all the crazy things happen that NEED TO HAPPEN TODAY! Do you hear me, Universe?? TODAY WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!! No more silly delays!!

In the meantime, while we all wait with baited breath for me to actually explain the current situation, I give you links and other things …

Due West Encore!

You know what we haven't seen on this blog in a very long time??

Due West!!
And that, my friends, is a crying shame! Sadly, it has all been a case of logistics. They perform all over the US these days, but I still manage to live in a "small, small town" that just doesn't attract a lot of awesome bands! So this weekend I packed up the dogs and my little sister and we drove down to Asheville, North Carolina to see my favorite country trio! After years of taking my "Little Sister" (known to all you blog readers as "Little") to see Due West, it was time to take my actual little sister to see the band. Just for nostalgia, let's bring out an old photo-

This picture was taken at Little's elementary school. Due West came over and serenaded her at lunch- making her pretty much the happiest kid ever. Also, completely ensuring that both she and I would be loyal fans for life! (Also, Matt- love the beard and long hair! I had forgotten that look!) (I cannot…

Discount on Mother's Day Flowers

Another great offer from CityDeals!
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Hey Ladies! Mani/Pedi for $15

Hey Ladies! Who wants a mani pedi for just $15? CityDeals is running a 50% off promotion (usually $30) for the Forum at Accademia in American Fork, Utah!
To my non-Utah friends, I promise that one of these days I will find better deals to share outside of Utah!!

Introducing the Erin Store(s)

As you may have noticed, I have several different websites that I run! Today I am excited to introduce my new "stores" on each site.

Here on The Story of a Nice Mormon Girl I'm calling my new venture the Erin Store. I'll be sharing deals I've found online, and things I love! Like shoes, chocolate, travel, and more.

Over at my Cutting Back and Going Green blog you can find organic, healthy, and cost saving deals .

And don't forget Jobs By Erin! I've introduced a few new products to help individuals with their job hunting. (In addition to all of the jobs I've been posting lately!)

My new baby, Footballer Fan Girl, doesn't have a store up- yet. I'm having very strange problems with HTML and embedding images and video on that page. But it is taking shape slowly but surely. If you are a soccer fan, especially if you are an RSL fan, you are welcome to guest blog or share pictures on there!!

Have fun shopping, and I'll update them soon…

Believing in me, defining me

Who we are can be defined by so many different things. And how other people define us can be based on so many other things. But at the end of the day it is what we believe about ourselves that defines who we truly are.
Recently, and for obvious reasons, many people have tried to define me as someone who defines herself by her marital status.
This statement is fascinating to me. First, other people are defining me, by what they think I define myself as. Those people would be wrong twice.
I don't define myself by my single status. Sure, it is something that I write about, and talk about a lot. But talking about the LDS singles situation no more defines what I think of myself, than being a writer about frogs would define me as a woman who believes she is a frog!
Are you following me?
Sure, I have a lot to say on the subject. But it doesn't define who I am.
What I believe in myself is that I am dedicated to service. I lok for new ways to serve people each and every day. I pray fo…

Daydreaming about the Peace Corps

I turned in my Peace Corps medical application 8 weeks ago, and since then I have done my very best to not think about the PC. Considering the prior 7 months to this I have thought non-stop about the Peace Corps, this was a major effort for me. But I may dare say that there were even a few days in the past few weeks where I didn't think about PC at all.
My medical packet is turned in, and it is all out of my hands now. I have 3 very small medical issues which may require a great deal of follow up medical work to get me cleared. Two of which, rumor has it, they often ask someone to wait a full year to prove their health, and then have him/her reapply. I've made up my mind that if asked to do additional medical work to get cleared, I will do it. However, if I am asked to wait a year, I will most likely not continue to pursue this course. At my age, and considering I've already spent a year not doing anything useful really, I just don't think it would be prudent.
For the…

Looking for a Mother's Day or Easter gift idea?

May I humbly suggest chocolate? The Dark Chocolate Indulgence and More Chocolate Gifts at
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If you were waiting for a sign...

Oh I'm waiting for a sign alright. I'm waiting for a big huge brick to come and hit me over the head, preferably with a note attached to it spelling out exactly what I am supposed to do next.
There are times there is so much going on that a brick hitting me in the head would only be that- a brick to the head. I still wouldn't know what that means, except not to stand in that one place much longer!
Just be patient with me folks. Let's just give life a few weeks longer to settle down and play out.

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:
How many people can say going to live in a hut in Africa is the more logical choice?

Favorite Conversation with Lexi:
(I was wearing my completely foxy and awesome "4 Little Ponies of the Apocalypse" t-shirt. As you can see in the image above of the shirt, one of the ponies is wearing an eyepatch.)
Lexi (age 5): Erin Ann, are you wearing a pirate ponies shirt?
Me: No, I'm wearing the little ponies of the apocalypse.
Lexi gives me a classic "WTF" look.
Lexi: No. I think you are wearing pirate ponies. That just makes more sense.

Like it!

Want to do me a favor? Click this very safe link that goes to Facebook, and vote for the cutest, funniest picture of my adorable nephew ever. If my photo wins (and if you are all good friends and readers, my picture will win), I have promised the mother of the adorable boy in the picture that I will give her the prize. And she's had a very bad week and deserves a prize. So help my sister out my "liking" her funny little boy!
Again you just have to click here-
Then "like" the page "Josh Loves It"
Then "like" the picture of Porter and his trusty mate Ruby.

Balancing immediate needs against long term goals

For the past year my life has been a constant struggle and test in how to balance short term or immediate needs with long term desires and goals. There are some days where it just doesn't seem possible to balance them out because one is more demanding than the other. And then there is the balancing act of other people's opinions on which one should get more attention, and how to respond to those people when I make a choice that doesn't agree with them.
This week, more than most weeks, I have to find that happy medium, and balance long and short term goals. Or maybe there won't be a happy medium? Maybe trying to compromise the two things will mean jeopardizing my opportunities?
I am grateful to be the kind of person who can see both long and short term. I find I even struggle to get along with people who can't see both pictures. (Especially when the picture is of my own life.) (Or worse, when the person can't see beyond their one role in the bigger picture.)
But it…

Taxes, debt, and other words I hate

Do you ever look at the fighting in politics, "in Washington," (as a DC native, there is no phrase I hate more than "in Washington"), etc and think of better solutions to the problem?
For instance, taxes and the national debt situation.
Have you ever noticed how at the end of doing your federal taxes there is a spot you can select to send $3 to the presidential election fund? (which really, I think is entirely worthless and stupid, but that's a point for another day). Why don't we add a box to select to send $3 (or however much you want to voluntarily donate) to the national debt?
We could even make it fancier. Set up a national trust for donations to the national debt, and make the donations tax exempt? How many people would donate a few dollars, or maybe even more, to help solve the debt crisis?
If we really want to return the government to the people, why not let the people actually help solve the problems? A balanced budget, plus donated funds? Magic, …

Calling all LDS Singles- I want your input

Over the weekend during LDS General Conference the call was issued loud and clear that men (and women) should not put off getting married. To read more about what was specifically said you can check out my Meridian Single Thought column, "Get Married Now!" Consider what I am about to say as the unofficial follow up to what I said in my column (which was written on Sunday night just hours after conference ended).
The thoughts going through my head right now are similar to when the president of a company comes into the meeting and says, "Make this happen!" and walks out. The team can sit around and complain and moan about how he made a directive but didn't provide any directions or leadership. Or they can embrace it, form a plan, and make it happen.
In the few days since the conference, all I have heard is the complaining and moaning. From the men it is mostly complaining about how the women don't want them, or don't like them, etc. And from the women I&…

How I attempt to balance working, unemployment, volunteering, ADD, and a creative personality

This new little life I lead of unemployment/self-employment is completely contradictory to everything that comes naturally to me. This life requires an insane amount of self-discipline that I am not naturally prone to. Not to mention, attention to details, follow up, and other things I've already managed to forget since the idea to write this post hit me.
To clear up the confusion about my working status. I am still technically unemployed. I am still actively looking for a job. I am also still an actively waiting impatiently Peace Corps nominee. I am also attempting to earn money in a side job that is sometimes more effective than others. Not to mention, I am bound and determined to finish writing a book before I do get a job/leave for the Peace Corps/make another crazy change in my life.
To balance the multiple priorities in my life (looking for a job, attempting self-employment, be creative, volunteer work), I have divided my week up accordingly. Two days a week I focus on the …

Awesome Deals from City Deals! (Utah)

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21st Century Problems

I got a new phone a few weeks ago. It is identical to my old phone, (thanks cell phone insurance), and they carried over all of my contacts. But they didn't carry over my ringtones or settings.
Now, every time my phone chimes, and it is just out of my reach (ie- I'm too lazy to get up and reach over for it), I have to check 3 different email accounts, Facebook, and Twitter on my laptop (which is always in my lap) to determine where the message came from, or decide it was a text. (At least I know what the actually phone ringing ringtone sounds like. (It is still the NCIS theme song. Which is only confusing when the phone rings when I'm watching NCIS on TV.))
These are my 21st century problems.
What are your 21st century problems?

what a wonderful way to spend the weekend

I loved every single minute of the LDS General Conference this weekend. I even took the time to listen to the men's session I enjoyed it so much!
Normally I turn in my Single Thought column to the editors on Friday night. But last week, after I had written a fairly lengthy piece I felt impressed to not send it in. And instead to just listen to General Conference for something to write about instead.
WOW!  So glad I did!
There were some very hard-hitting talks specifically on marriage, and the importance of getting married. As usual the men bore the brunt of that counsel, but this time the women got some too. And for that I was very glad. You'll just have to wait till Tuesday for my column to come out to read my favorite quotes and thoughts on that subject.
Until then, here are a few of the other beautiful gems I wrote down during conference.

"Money and bank accounts are not His richest blessings." - Elder Carl B. Pratt

"The purpose of Divine Chastening is to 1)…

72 Hour Food Storage Kit for 2 People $46

Another CityDeal you don't want to pass up! Get a Family Storehouse 72 hour food storage kit for 2 people for just $46. (Regular price $72)
Family Storehouse is committed to providing the very best in emergency essential products and services with quality products that will be ready in the case of an emergency or disaster. Each meal item is packaged individually in high-quality packaging which will last for 20 - 25 years and comes in a 1 gallon sealed plastic container.


Are you ready for one of those obtuse, vague, strongly insinuating, but provides nothing of substance blog posts? I hope so, because here we go.
In the past week several things have happened that have potential to change things for me DRASTICALLY. As in, all prayers from the past year are teasing me with almost being answered. But to get to those answers- to the light at the end of this tunnel- requires a lot of work from me. A LOT OF WORK FROM ME. And there is still no promise it will pay off.
But just in case miracles do happen, I am working my tail off and doing the very best that I can do. And did I mention I woke up on Thursday with a massive head cold? The kind of out of nowhere head cold where when you walk into the pharmacy to buy medication (the kind you show ID for behind the counter), you might put your head in your hand on the counter and accidentally fall asleep. Yeah, true story. The pharmacist actually patted me on the head.
Have you noticed that since returning to Virg…

Best of the Blog Part 2 - The Frisky Sailor

Original Post: Kenny Rogers is Not a Frisky Sailor, August 2006

A particular candidate for THE LIST has been concerned for the last week about whether or not he is on THE LIST. He's been wondering if he is the Cowboy or not. I won't confirm or deny, but really, I'm a little insulted that he thinks I would be that unoriginal in nicknaming him. But then again, I thought he didn't read this blog, so maybe I didn't have to be so original?

Either way, we had a funny conversation today. For the sake of this conversation, he will be Kenny Rogers and I will be Dolly Parton.

Kenny Rogers: I had a weird dream about you last night. Don't worry, I'm not going to go all pervy on you here.

Dolly Parton (in her head): Dang it. (outloud) Okay.

Kenny Rogers: I had this dream that I was in your blog. You had created another "guy" list and I was labeled as the "Frisky Sailor." Which was odd because I am neither a sailor, nor have I been frisky.

Dolly search…