Monday, April 18, 2011

Believing in me, defining me

I also love eating chocolate, painting my nails (they are ALWAYS painted), and wearing ball caps.

Who we are can be defined by so many different things. And how other people define us can be based on so many other things. But at the end of the day it is what we believe about ourselves that defines who we truly are.
Recently, and for obvious reasons, many people have tried to define me as someone who defines herself by her marital status.
This statement is fascinating to me. First, other people are defining me, by what they think I define myself as. Those people would be wrong twice.
I don't define myself by my single status. Sure, it is something that I write about, and talk about a lot. But talking about the LDS singles situation no more defines what I think of myself, than being a writer about frogs would define me as a woman who believes she is a frog!
Are you following me?
Sure, I have a lot to say on the subject. But it doesn't define who I am.
What I believe in myself is that I am dedicated to service. I lok for new ways to serve people each and every day. I pray for opportunities to serveothers every day. I feel terrible when I am forced to turn down a chance to do a favor or lend a hand ot others. Service is what defines me.
I am the daughter of Maurice and Alicia.
I am the sister of Scott, Steph, and Natalie.
I am the sister-in-law of Steve.
I am the aunt of Porter, Dallin, and Tell.
I am the fairy godmother to 10 little children, several of whom believe I wear sparkly slippers and carry a fancy wand around.
I am a cousin to over 50 people. And I can name them all in age order.
I am "Little's" big sister. I am also her confidante. She is my muse.
I am Emilee's "giant sister."
I am the human to one incredibly awesome dog (even when she does hog the bed).
I am the ex-girlfriend to a few good men.
I am a friend to several many more wonderful people.
I was an angel to a woman dying in a hospital bed in Haiti. She held my hand as she died and whispered over and over that I was an angel.
I am a niece and a grand-daughter.

I am a singer.
I am a writer.
I am a science fiction nerd.
I get addicted to well-written stories, whether they be books, movies, or TV series.
I love goofball and corny humor. I hate potty humor.
I will find something to love in everyone I meet, and give them the benefit of the doubt, no matter how much they have wronged me, or how annoying they are.
I'm a motivator and instigator. And on occasion I like to call myself a "muckraker," after my now deceased cousin and journalist Jack Anderson.
I am not afraid to make tough choices.
I am not afraid to do the unexpected. In fact, I live for it.
I am not afraid to rock the boat and make people think about uncomfortable things, or ask the hard questions.
I am someone to many people. It is not the lack of one specific person in my life that defines me.
I define me. I determine what I will be and what my destiny. Not what others think about me. And certainly not my marital status. 

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  1. great post Erin! I love all the different statements about who you are- especially the fairy godmother one and the one about being an angel to the lady in Haiti !


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