Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daydreaming about the Peace Corps

I turned in my Peace Corps medical application 8 weeks ago, and since then I have done my very best to not think about the PC. Considering the prior 7 months to this I have thought non-stop about the Peace Corps, this was a major effort for me. But I may dare say that there were even a few days in the past few weeks where I didn't think about PC at all.
My medical packet is turned in, and it is all out of my hands now. I have 3 very small medical issues which may require a great deal of follow up medical work to get me cleared. Two of which, rumor has it, they often ask someone to wait a full year to prove their health, and then have him/her reapply. I've made up my mind that if asked to do additional medical work to get cleared, I will do it. However, if I am asked to wait a year, I will most likely not continue to pursue this course. At my age, and considering I've already spent a year not doing anything useful really, I just don't think it would be prudent.
For the past few months I have befriended some of the current volunteers in Morocco (which, as you may recall, is where I expect to get sent- no guarantees though!). The newest batch of recruits left for MOR about 5 weeks ago, and I have heard little from them since. However, today they must have all found internet access at once! Facebook had plenty of updates and new pictures to reignite my thoughts and daydreams about the PC.
There's just a few more days or weeks to endure before I find out if I passed the medical portion. I checked in with them on Thursday and was assured my packet would be getting reviewed in the next 2-3, maybe 4 weeks. And then, finally, hopefully, "in-shallah," my future will be a little less hazy!
As I weigh my future options, nothing holds a candle to the Peace Corps. This is the option I want more than anything else. I know there are some who are questioning why I would want to go live in a less-developed country for two years for no pay. To them all I can say is, why wouldn't I want to go serve and help others and live another culture for two years? It's just who I am. I would much rather work in a hot, dusty, desert country teaching business skills than working in a cubicle, staring at a screen all day. Make a difference? Work for the man? Yeah, I know which option I'd rather take. (But I'm not so blind as to not understand the importance of maybe having to do the other one.)
I hereby give myself permission to start daydreaming about the Peace Corps again. I know it means that if I get rejected it will break my heart. But it also means I'll be thrilled that much more if I get in. I vote for thrills and happiness!

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