Monday, April 25, 2011

Due West Encore!

You know what we haven't seen on this blog in a very long time??

And that, my friends, is a crying shame!
Sadly, it has all been a case of logistics. They perform all over the US these days, but I still manage to live in a "small, small town" that just doesn't attract a lot of awesome bands!
So this weekend I packed up the dogs and my little sister and we drove down to Asheville, North Carolina to see my favorite country trio! After years of taking my "Little Sister" (known to all you blog readers as "Little") to see Due West, it was time to take my actual little sister to see the band. Just for nostalgia, let's bring out an old photo-

This picture was taken at Little's elementary school. Due West came over and serenaded her at lunch- making her pretty much the happiest kid ever. Also, completely ensuring that both she and I would be loyal fans for life! (Also, Matt- love the beard and long hair! I had forgotten that look!) (I cannot believe what a little girl is Little is here! Suddenly I'm realizing just how much she has grown up over the past few years!!)

Did you know I've been friends with DW for about 5 years now?? Crazy. I have loved watching them grow and change both as men and as a band. It has been a fun ride!

As usual, the show was fantastic. They played at a bar in downtown Asheville (a town I fell in love with just by driving through). My sister, Steph, loved the band and told me multiple times how nice and fun the guys were. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the new music (seriously guys- release "Leaving" as your next single!! PLEASE!!) (also, please put it on MySpace!)  If you have not yet been introduced to the awesomeness of DW music check them out on MySpace!
(my favorite songs on the current place list are "County Fair," "Wake Up the Neighbors," - the perfect song to give you a kick in the pants and get you out of bed in the morning! and "Bible and the Belt.")

I had a great time on my first official road trip with my baby sister. We had lots of sister-girl-bonding time! 
Erin and Steph

(Yes, my baby sister is 4 inches taller than me. And I was even wearing tall heels!)

Thanks Due West for another great night!! It was a blast seeing you again. Let's do it again soon! In Roanoke!

Due West
Hanging out with Due West

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