Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing the Erin Store(s)

"Sale? Did someone say sale?? I will take you to the sale!"

As you may have noticed, I have several different websites that I run! Today I am excited to introduce my new "stores" on each site.

Here on The Story of a Nice Mormon Girl I'm calling my new venture the Erin Store. I'll be sharing deals I've found online, and things I love! Like shoes, chocolate, travel, and more.

Over at my Cutting Back and Going Green blog you can find organic, healthy, and cost saving deals .

And don't forget Jobs By Erin! I've introduced a few new products to help individuals with their job hunting. (In addition to all of the jobs I've been posting lately!)

My new baby, Footballer Fan Girl, doesn't have a store up- yet. I'm having very strange problems with HTML and embedding images and video on that page. But it is taking shape slowly but surely. If you are a soccer fan, especially if you are an RSL fan, you are welcome to guest blog or share pictures on there!!

Have fun shopping, and I'll update them soon!


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