Thursday, April 07, 2011

Taxes, debt, and other words I hate

Do you ever look at the fighting in politics, "in Washington," (as a DC native, there is no phrase I hate more than "in Washington"), etc and think of better solutions to the problem?
For instance, taxes and the national debt situation.
Have you ever noticed how at the end of doing your federal taxes there is a spot you can select to send $3 to the presidential election fund? (which really, I think is entirely worthless and stupid, but that's a point for another day). Why don't we add a box to select to send $3 (or however much you want to voluntarily donate) to the national debt?
We could even make it fancier. Set up a national trust for donations to the national debt, and make the donations tax exempt? How many people would donate a few dollars, or maybe even more, to help solve the debt crisis?
If we really want to return the government to the people, why not let the people actually help solve the problems? A balanced budget, plus donated funds? Magic, I say!
Or is that just too libertarian of me to think letting people truly govern themselves is a good thing?


  1. I think that George HW Bush did that. I seemed to think it was a good idea, now and then. Still think they would mismanage it too.

  2. Great idea! As most Americans have worked on balancing their budgets, get out debt, and stash away some savings, perhaps we have something to teach to the government at large. It takes pinching (and it's sometimes painful), but so so worth it :)


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