Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up and Adam

Kaya is also tired of waiting for everything to happen! She refuses to get out of bed till we have answers!

Today should finally be the day, kids! We're THISCLOSE to several major things in my life finally resolving and coming to what just might be a happy ending! THISCLOSE!!
There is also a chance that everything is one breath away from falling apart. And we don't want that. We do not want to have to start all over again and rebuild!!
I'll be holding my breath all day waiting for the magic to happen. You just keep your fingers, toes, and other appendages cross, okay?
I swear if there is another delay in everything resolving today I may throw a fit and pee my pants. And that wouldn't be pretty!! So I'm going to get up, run my morning two miles, tame my crazy humidity hair into submission, and then go make all the crazy things happen that NEED TO HAPPEN TODAY! Do you hear me, Universe?? TODAY WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!! No more silly delays!!

In the meantime, while we all wait with baited breath for me to actually explain the current situation, I give you links and other things to check out-

Soccer fans- my Real Salt Lake blog has new video and posts up. And as tomorrow night grows closer, I'll keep posting more fun stuff! Check it out! (Also, I'm talking with one of the players to write a blog post for me!!)

My green aware friends- Cutting Back and Going Green has lots of new posts and some interesting news stories up!

If you haven't yet discovered the music player on "littlelover" you are missing out. Warning: highly addictive and sounds like whale sounds! (You click on the board to play music.)

I've updated the Erin Store!! There's a few new great deals up on there!

And last but not least, BYU alum in Virginia-

We are getting close, but still need 90 BYU fans with registered
vehicles in Virginia who are willing to purchase a logo license plate.
The Virginia DMV requires 350 in order to produce them.
Questions, contact David Svir, 

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