Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Voice to Text Translation

By now everyone has heard of Da*n You Auto Correct, right? Well it is time someone started a sister site for voicemail to text translation fails!!
Both my parents and I have this little service on our phones. Today my dad sent me this gem of the text version of a voicemail I left him- 
"Hi I was trying to tell you that I finally booked my flight to Salt Lake. I'm laughing because I booked them out of place price lines of course they told her you know multiple airport they could take me out of it when it birds and hang out of Dallas. It was ridiculously expensive and I couldn't get a flight so I booked it yet was like alright we'll just try my life and see what happened if I stay out of round up in Charlottesville Lynchburgand all that and it took me out of Charlottesville. I live in Charlottesville, Dallas and Dallas nonstop in Salt Lake which actually think about it think about it. The return flight in Salt Lake to Dallas nonstop and then I booked four hours a way over at Dallas vote for my return flight to salt to Charlottesville. I can show it so tell to go in effect minute. Anyway, kind of funny if you think about it. Four hour lay over in Dallas for the 2 Hour Dr. to me.

Which is funny and all, but it doesn't hold a candle to this one left by who knows who on my voicemail this week- 
In. It's like air and pricing off the phone with a neophyte my name very this toll free number 88888971% Nell that's. So yeah man, it's not this. It was the call. Thank you. He

But my favorite is a message my sister left me this week-
Oh hey Aaron Scott you shot Paul. Oh my it. I'm I'm on my way to Warren off there and I've got windows down, but any area until later and then it wouldn't let me answer row I guess I'll talk to you manager. Bye. 

This is why I don't do voicemail, people. Send me a text!!

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  1. Haaaa. Wow, it sounds like the voice to text stuff is really bad for phones. Guess the good software is reserved for real computers still.



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