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Happy Birthday to this chick!

Happy Birthday Jules!

Its that time of the week again where I update you on all things me

Its that time of the week again where I tell you that NO, I have not heard anything from the Peace Corps. So much for that May 1 deadline. Back when I was planning my big trip to Utah I considered putting it off until I heard from them so I'd be able to answer the questions. "So what's going on with the Peace Corps? Did you know where you are going?" etc, etc. How glad am I that I didn't delay the trip?! It never would have happened!

Remember how a few weeks ago I told you I was sick and went to the doctor? Reading that post now cracks me up. I was happily dosed on cough syrup and antibiotics when I wrote it. The diagnosis was "sinusitis with probably pneumonia." (Being uninsured I declined the chest x-ray to confirm the pneumonia diagnosis, saving myself a few hundred dollars, knowing treatment would be the same.) Let me tell you something! That bug will knock you out! For a full 10 days I was flat out sick, with about a 2-3 hour window of energy each …

Relationships and Baggage

If you don't want to read about relationships, communication, and baggage, you will want to skip this post.

When I think about relationships back in my much simpler 20s, I think of how easy they were, and how easy they came to be. It was simple- you met a guy, sparks flew, you went on a few dates, and ta da! you were a couple. You didn't have to worry too much about if they had baggage or issues to deal with. For the most part, the younger you were, the fewer issues people had. But as we got older we all experienced different things. We all started picking up habits, bad experiences, and expectations. We all gained just a few more things to throw into our baggage that we haul around.
Then we reached our 30s and beyond. Where dating is no longer about meeting and sparks flying. If you are so lucky as to have a few sparks fly (I miss that! When did that stop happening?), you don't move straight into dating and coupledom. Now you move into learning about each other's bag…

CityDeals Features - Cherry Hill, Dance Classes, Kid Portraits, and Fertilizer!

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Ghosts of Relationships Past

First and foremost, don't read too much into this. Don't assume there's something going on in my life that is sparking the following post. Sometimes its just all stemming from a conversation or something in someone else's life. Again, don't assume that we're talking about me or anyone in particular. It would be hazardous to your health.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about good relationships, bad relationships, and the defining factors in each. Sometimes the defining factors are more than just the two people in the currently relationship. Sometimes the defining factors are (still) events, experiences, and people from our past relationships. The Ghosts of Relationships Past if you will.
I often think that the hardest part about being in a relationship is our own individual insecurities. It isn't actually how difficult the other person can be - it is how our insecurities react to the other person. With every new person that we meet we must let go of preju…

Utah Pass of all Passes

Come enjoy 16 waterslides, a 400,000 gallon Wave Pool, kids swimming areas and slides, group pavilions & cabanas, a giant Half Pipe tube ride, 100-foot Free Fall drops slides, and a quarter-mile Lazy River! 

That's right! Seven Peaks Provo is now a part of the Pass of All Passes!  Normally $327 you can get this killer deal for a mere $49.95. 
What does $49.95 get you in a summer full of fun??

Rules of the Deal This package includes a “Pass of All Passes” for 1 person. Voucher must be redeemed at the Seven Peaks Water Park at 1330 E 300 N, in Provo during normal hours of operation. - Pass holder must be present at voucher redemption to receive their photo pass ID for all events and attractions.  - Tax due at time of redemption - Promotional discounts cannot be applied to this product If you have more questions about the "Pass of all Passes" call 800-970-8824

The Utah CountyPass of All Passes includes unlimited access to Seven Peaks Water Park, Trafalga Fun Center (Lehi and Orem)…

Singles Ads

When I see ads like this it makes me happy to not work in marketing and advertising anymore.

Millionaire Matchmaker

Are you a fan of the Millionaire Matchmaker? If not, why not??
I've become obsessed with this show over the past few months. Thanks to the magic of DVRs I have watched a few episodes of this show every day for weeks. I hate reality television, so this is a major change in viewing habits for me. I love this show!
I love Patti's advice, and watching the different behaviors of the different singles is one of the best educations in relationships and dating I could ever ask for. I will be the first to admit (over and over again) how very little I understand the male mind. This show actually has helped me understand why I don't understand men. I'd even go so far as to say it has helped me to make major strides in talking to men. I've started using actual phrases and tips she gives on some of the men (and women) in my life. It blows me away how effective it has been. Without revealing too many details here, using her advice with one particular man in my life has complete…

The Love Languages

Let's talk about the 5 Love Languages. Are you familiar with them already? In case you are not, here is a very quick recap of the book-
Each person has a "love language"- the way they show love, and the way they receive love.
The love languages are-
Words of Affection
Physical Affection
Gift Giving/Receiving Gifts
Quality Time
Acts of Service

These are pretty straightforward (I think). If you want to know more about your personal love language, go check out I'm a big believer that relationships that were once successful that eventually fail or burn out, really fail because the couple didn't understand each other's love languages. That may be overstating things or underestimating many things, but that is how strongly I feel about understanding your own and your partner's love languages.
Lately I have really come to understand and appreciate the love languages more than ever before. They don't just apply in romantic relationship…

Miracle Drugs

Antibiotics are a miracle I tell you. After 3 weeks of a little cough, slight sore throat, and "Utah allergies," I got home on Friday night about as sick as I thought I could be. I was wrong. When I woke up on Saturday I was worse. And by Sunday I knew I needed to get to a doctor for real help, but quite frankly, I just didn't have the energy in me to do it. For those 3 days I was taking Sudafed, Mucinex, Benadryl, Claritin, and cough drops, and was still so congested that I couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time.
So today (Monday morning) I got up, used all my energy to get dressed and take a shower, went back to sleep for a while, built up my energy again and went to urgent care. In this little town urgent care with its oddly high number of hospitals, urgent care is just a department at the hospital (not a "doc in the box," as my dad likes to call them). I checked in, went through triage, and got sent over to the ER waiting room instead. Th…

Utah Trip Recap

My big trip to Utah was everything I was hoping for! 10 days is a long time to travel, but I'm glad I did it! It is always interesting to return to Utah after being gone for a while. You start to notice all the little idiosyncrasies of the state again, like the use of "way" instead of "more" or "very." ("It was way hot in there!") Or just how many women where tank tops or t-shirts over top a long sleeved shirt. (Now that I've watched every episode of "Sister Wives" I also wonder how many women wearing tank tops on the top are polygamists.) I loved the prolific number of Mavericks and Top Stops everywhere and "way cheap" large drinks. I also greatly appreciated that gas is about 15 cents a gallon cheaper in Utah than it is in Virginia.

Each day of the trip was pretty much the same as the one before it- in a very good way! I would hang out with BFF Jules in the morning, then go meet someone for a really long lunch, then…

Peace Corps Update #5,560

I got asked a lot during my visit to Utah what is going on with the Peace Corps. The answer is- I'm still waiting!
I turned in my medical papers back in February. In theory it takes them 8-12 weeks to review them. Tomorrow will be the 12 week mark. I checked in with them a few weeks ago and was told I would be reviewed soon. (But I've learned that that really doesn't mean anything.)
My situation has changed a little bit and I won't be able to leave now until late September or early October. (More on what that is about on Tuesday!) Which means I won't be going to Morocco. So I went and put in my information into the Peace Corps Calculator and Timeline (two very useful but unofficial tools for figuring out where you might go), and the results are above.
I'm not actually positive that I can go to either Burkina Faso or Kenya. My corn allergy prevents me from going to a good number of countries. They won't send me to a place where corn is a staple I may not be …

Almost Home

Between vacationing, working on vacation, traveling, being sick, and Blogger being down, I'm a little bit behind on blogging! (And I know a few of you have noticed! (Ahem, Liz!)) Give me another 48 hours and we'll return to our normally scheduled chaos!
-- sent from the floor of Gate A3E, desperate for a power outlet.

Only in Utah

True story-
On Saturday at the RSL game, I got a very nice tan on my arms, and a nicely pink nose and cheeks from the sun. A good number of my summer freckles even reappeared. It was so hot at the stadium that Little was complaining about butt sweat. And I was trying to keep my folded arms from touching my chest. It was just too dang hot!
Today, just 2 days later, I found myself in the snow wondering why I didn't pack snow boots or a coat. But then, who does pack snow boots for a trip in May?
There was a 50 degree temperature change over the last 2 days. And I wonder why my sinuses are going crazy and my lungs hate me so much?!

Erin and Little Reunited!

Dear Everybody in the Whole Wide World:
As you may remember, I'm in Utah on vacation this week! Today (Saturday) was one of the best days EVER! And here to help me tell you about it is my favorite sidekick, "Little!"

First, Little wants to tell you about Wednesday!
I stayed home from school due to an allergic reaction. I was at home in bed all day with a swollen face. My mom left to go get us some lunch and pick up my brother, and i heard some knocking on the door. I wasn't expecting anybody so i figured it would be the ups guy or someone. The knocking continued so i went to see who it was. As i peeked through the window i saw blonde hair, and i thought it looked like Erin. i opened the door and i saw Erin holding a camera and i freaked out. I had no idea that she was coming, and i started crying!
We went out to eat, and talked a lot. We had a whole year to catch up on, then i asked her if she had seen my favorite movie, which is Tangled. She hadn't so we came b…

Ultimate Day Spa Package for $99 in SLC

Shirodhara Day Spa - Ultimate Bliss Package (SLC, UT), $185 Gift Certificate for $99Ultimate Bliss Package includes 4 Hours of Pampering
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Happy Dance!

If you are somewhat new to the blog, this is a HAPPY DANCE post. When something great happens and I can't tell you why, I share a new and different HAPPY DANCE with you!
So get up and dance to the music!!

Did I mention there was a lot going on?

Once upon a time there was a very busy girl named Erin who was so busy she couldn't possibly keep up with all of her crazy activities.
One of those activities was packing and moving. Nothing too big or major you see. I'm just calling it the McBride Family Shuffle. My sister is moving out of her apartment (in my aunt's basement) to move to a new town. I'm moving out of my grandmother's house and into my aunt's apartment. (Which, to add to the confusion, is also where my grandmother lives. I've been in her house alone all year.) And my cousin, her husband, and 3.5 children will my moving into my grandmother's house. (And if all things time out in a certain manner, that .5 child will be born in his or her great-grandmother's house.)
Add on top of the craziness of having this at one house, that at another, and the rest in storage, I'm also packing up for a 10 day trip to Utah. When I get back from the trip I'll be "coming home" to the…