Sunday, May 01, 2011

Did I mention there was a lot going on?

Just one corner of the chaos

Once upon a time there was a very busy girl named Erin who was so busy she couldn't possibly keep up with all of her crazy activities.
One of those activities was packing and moving. Nothing too big or major you see. I'm just calling it the McBride Family Shuffle. My sister is moving out of her apartment (in my aunt's basement) to move to a new town. I'm moving out of my grandmother's house and into my aunt's apartment. (Which, to add to the confusion, is also where my grandmother lives. I've been in her house alone all year.) And my cousin, her husband, and 3.5 children will my moving into my grandmother's house. (And if all things time out in a certain manner, that .5 child will be born in his or her great-grandmother's house.)
Add on top of the craziness of having this at one house, that at another, and the rest in storage, I'm also packing up for a 10 day trip to Utah. When I get back from the trip I'll be "coming home" to the apartment, and not to the old house.
And then there is the usual job applications, lesson planning (my experiences today teaching the 5 yr olds at church are a post all in themselves), helping family with this that and the other, the beginning stages of a very exciting new project, as well as wrapping up the ends of a huge project that consumed the full past month.
I'm tired folks, really, really tired. I'm even looking forward to my flight to Utah for the long nap I can take!
I was doing so good exercising and eating healthy before my trip. And then the stress hit. And then the freezer at Kroger broke and they sold pints of ice cream for less than a $1 a piece. And that became the staple of my diet.
I'm living out of 3 different suitcases being kept in 3 different places (house, car, apartment). So if my shoes don't match, or my bra is showing through my shirt till I can find a better color, please, have a little sympathy. After all, my neighbor found my underwear in the driveway yesterday.
And don't tell anyone, but I think I have a new crush. Maybe. We'll see.
Oh and my column is way past due, and I have no inspiration for writing right now. And I'm out of Diet Dr Pepper, my favorite muse. But I did just suddenly find a new distraction...
Maybe. We'll see.

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  1. Look at the bright side, you have a dancing pole in the middle of the room. Maybe a great way to work off all that ice cream? hehe

    Love you Erin!


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