Sunday, May 08, 2011

Erin and Little Reunited!

Dear Everybody in the Whole Wide World:
As you may remember, I'm in Utah on vacation this week! Today (Saturday) was one of the best days EVER! And here to help me tell you about it is my favorite sidekick, "Little!"
On our way to Little's dance recital

First, Little wants to tell you about Wednesday!
I stayed home from school due to an allergic reaction. I was at home in bed all day with a swollen face. My mom left to go get us some lunch and pick up my brother, and i heard some knocking on the door. I wasn't expecting anybody so i figured it would be the ups guy or someone. The knocking continued so i went to see who it was. As i peeked through the window i saw blonde hair, and i thought it looked like Erin. i opened the door and i saw Erin holding a camera and i freaked out. I had no idea that she was coming, and i started crying!
We went out to eat, and talked a lot. We had a whole year to catch up on, then i asked her if she had seen my favorite movie, which is Tangled. She hadn't so we came back to my house to watch it. I had a dance recital that night so she curled my hair for me, and off we went. But mostly we were just excited for our big plans for Saturday (today).

Now, it is my (Erin's) turn to tell you about Wednesday!
Little's mother and I have been planning for over a month to surprise Little when I came into town. But then the night before she got really sick, so we had to change our plans at the last second. I liked our backup plan even better. Getting to surprise Little at home was really fun. It was just like she said- I knocked on the door (a couple of times!), she answered, and she yelled, "What are you doing here?!" We hugged, and then we just started to cry!!
Here's a not so flattering picture of that moment-
After we stopped crying and I got a good look at her face it broke my heart to see how bad she still looked! Her face was all swollen (she wants to make sure you understand she is NOT fat), and she had a subsiding rash on her neck. It made me so sad I hadn't been able to get there sooner to help her!
But we had a great afternoon together, and it was a lot of fun to get to go to her dance recital! But like she said- Saturday is the more important day!
Which brings us to-

Today started out with me (still Erin typing) going to pick her up from her dad's house. He was very kind to let me steal her away on his weekend. And even nicer of her little sister (no, really, her REAL little sister) to let Little leave her birthday party early.
We planned our day to be our version of a perfect day- a Real Salt Lake game, mani pedis, shopping, eating, and a sleepover! Can you think of anything better? I think not!
So we went to the RSL game first. We got there right as the game was beginning. A man sold us his SECOND ROW, CENTER FIELD seats for half price! Best seats we've ever had! (Even though it wasn't section 13, row 13, seat 13, which is our preferred place to sit in honor of our favorite former player, Ian Joy.) But we have to admit- second row in the center of the field is a pretty great place to sit.
Loaded down with the necessary foods from the concession stand, we took our seats, and watched the game. It was a pretty great game, minus the fact that one of the best players suffered a very serious injury. (Erin will talk about that on her soccer blog later. This blog is about us!)
Here's a picture of the awesomeness of our seats-
Johnson and Beckerman, and Beckerman's facial hair
As Little points out, we were sitting so close you could see their facial hair and Beckerman's dreads.
After the game we posed with a few of our favorite players for a goal shot-
Girl's got skillz!
Little also points out she jumps as high as Beckerman and Johnson too!
White girls can't jump!
After the match- which RSL won, but was very sad because Javi got hurt, we went to get mani pedis at our favorite place. Little is now sporting hot pink toes and purple fingers. Erin has bright blue toes and soft pink fingers. Every time we go there Erin gets creeped out by the finger things.
Seriously, what are they?!
After that we went to the mall where Little finally got to cash in on getting straight A's. (Erin has been promising her money or clothes for straight A's for a very long time. Conveniently, she hasn't been around to pay up!) She picked a very cute little sundress and tank tops from Aeropostale. We only bring this up because Erin is happy she no longer has to be subjected to shopping in Justice anymore. (And because Erin is sad that Little is growing up and is too mature now for the silly styles of Justice. Peace signs? Who wears peace signs anymore?!)
After doing our part to support the economy, we headed home for a movie, giggling, and naturally, blogging. Ooh, and if you- the whole wide world- can keep it a secret from Little's mom for the next 5 hours, we'll tell you this part too! We made Little's mom a surprise Mother's Day breakfast she will get before she leaves for work way too early in the morning. (Just try not to spoil the surprise for her okay?)
Tomorrow we will be split up again- Little has to go back to her dad's house. And Erin will be doing something (she just doesn't remember what right now). But don't worry, we'll have a video of our reunion ready for you soon. Its so cute it will make you cry. And we have plans to continue shopping together in a few days. After all, we haven't emptied out the mall yet!
Here's a picture of our cuteness to tide you over-
Little and Big

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