Thursday, May 19, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker

Are you a fan of the Millionaire Matchmaker? If not, why not??
I've become obsessed with this show over the past few months. Thanks to the magic of DVRs I have watched a few episodes of this show every day for weeks. I hate reality television, so this is a major change in viewing habits for me. I love this show!
I love Patti's advice, and watching the different behaviors of the different singles is one of the best educations in relationships and dating I could ever ask for. I will be the first to admit (over and over again) how very little I understand the male mind. This show actually has helped me understand why I don't understand men. I'd even go so far as to say it has helped me to make major strides in talking to men. I've started using actual phrases and tips she gives on some of the men (and women) in my life. It blows me away how effective it has been. Without revealing too many details here, using her advice with one particular man in my life has completely and totally changed the way he and I interact.
And I couldn't be happier.
There are days (oh so many days) where I wish dating, men, and being single didn't require self-help books, and that everything could just be natural. If you are thinking to yourself that it is, and that I'm over-analyzing it, all I can say is you clearly have never tried dating over the age of 31. Nobody gets here because communications, personality, and relationships are logical or are organically natural to them.
The millionairesses (the women millionaires) blow my mind. The freak me out! I've probably seen a dozen of them on the show now, and I'd say all but 1 was my worst nightmare. I'm certainly not in danger of becoming a millionaire anytime soon, but I saw quite a bit of myself personality-wise in these women. And it terrifies me!! You could make a list a mile long with the reasons these women are not in relationships or are divorced. Talk about eye-opening! You better believe I listen to all of the advice Patti gives to the women!
It kills me how often Patti is dead on accurate. Granted, it is her show and they aren't going to do a lot of episodes on her being wrong. But she is amazing at predicting what a man will go for! I love it! (And you better believe I listen to all of it and take notes!) (Okay, that makes me sound a little obsessive. I may be. But not freakishly obsessive!)
Obviously, I need to make a million dollars and be on this show. I think Patti may be the only person who can ever find me the right kind of guy.

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