Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peace Corps Update #5,560

I got asked a lot during my visit to Utah what is going on with the Peace Corps. The answer is- I'm still waiting!
I turned in my medical papers back in February. In theory it takes them 8-12 weeks to review them. Tomorrow will be the 12 week mark. I checked in with them a few weeks ago and was told I would be reviewed soon. (But I've learned that that really doesn't mean anything.)
My situation has changed a little bit and I won't be able to leave now until late September or early October. (More on what that is about on Tuesday!) Which means I won't be going to Morocco. So I went and put in my information into the Peace Corps Calculator and Timeline (two very useful but unofficial tools for figuring out where you might go), and the results are above.
I'm not actually positive that I can go to either Burkina Faso or Kenya. My corn allergy prevents me from going to a good number of countries. They won't send me to a place where corn is a staple I may not be able to avoid. Corn is available in both countries, but I'm not sure if it is avoidable or not. And actually, Guinea shouldn't be on the list at all. Oops.
My family has several strong ties to Samoa, and would love to see me sent there. I think I would be happy in any of those countries, so I don't have a preference really!
I'm just ready for the ball to start rolling! I'm tired of all the sitting and waiting! Let's all cross our fingers for my medical to get approved this week!


  1. Samoa would be awesome! But, perhaps an entire different list will appear when it is time for you to go. Good luck!

  2. Anne- the Guinea program is suspended. No volunteers going there for a while.

  3. Yeah, I should have guessed that. Makes me feel good about living there for two years... :/


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