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Faith and Freedom Coalition Part 2 - Donald Trump Speaks

And now we'll fast forward several hours into the evening session. The website had originally slated Glenn Beck to speak. I was very curious to see Ralph Reid kick off a meeting that would have three Mormons speaking in it. (If you have never heard Reid speak, he is not shy about his Evangelical ways, and gets creative with language to specifically exclude Mormons from being considered Christians. Also, if you don't know this already, Reid is the head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, and an informal top gun for the Tea Party.) However, the lineup changed, and Beck was not there.
(Sidenote:  Look on this page and you'll understand why I am flipflopping on how to spell Reed v Reid.)

The big kickoff name for the evening was none other than Donald Trump. It is still a bit surreal to think I sat just ten feet away from Trump last night.
Donald Trump at Faith and Freedom Coalition
What is more surreal to me was the discovery that I'm not opposed to his politics. Much to my total surprise, I actually agreed with a lot of what he said. The man knows business, international business, and money. And he really knows conservative politics.
The crowd went crazy for him. He had a rock star's reception, no question about it. 
My dad pretending to not care.
We were in the center, right in front of the podium, in the third row. During Trump's speech, there were nonstop people running up and taking his picture. (Hence the picture above.) Also, I feel sorry for all those people who probably learned what I did- it is very hard to get a good picture of him. He never closes his mouth!

Here's what I learned about Trump-
He's pro-life and Catholic. He hates ObamaCare. He is still proud of himself for making Obama produce "that excuse for a birth certificate." He occasionally refers to himself in the third person. And a few quotes, "OPEC is laughing at our leaders." "Our leaders are stupid, you know, right? I'm not a politician, I can say stupid." The thing he said that really bothered me was regarding the war in Iraq. "To the victor go the spoils." He believes that the U.S. (and Allies) have the right to take over the Iraqi oil fields, and take the oil from them. He also wants to give a million dollars to every Iraqi family hurt by the war, and to every American soldier wounded or killed in the war, from the profits of those oil fields. This is one of those huge ideas that non-politicians come up with who truly don't understand international laws. This made me a little mad to hear, because people will like it, and it is not something that could ever actually happen.
But over all, I would say he's a smart guy and he knows his stuff. I'm starting to understand his appeal. And I'd be really surprised if we don't see him pull a Ross Perot towards the end.

If I thought it was hard getting a good picture of Donald Trump, it was even harder to get one of Dick Morris.

Dick Morris is not a presidential contender. He is for the most part a paid pundit. Although, to be fair, he has been an advisor to many people over the years. he really came down hard on the economy. He said, "17% of our economy (the medical sector) is paralyzed" by over regulations and fear. He mocked the bank bailout. And really made it clear he does not like Obama.

I should mention here that every single person who spoke lambasted Obama for calling the recent jobs report a "bump in the road." And everyone railed on the economy at length. The only person to actually make corrective suggestions was Trump.

Grover Norquist was up next. He started off his speech with an inappropriate joke I felt. "When midgets play mini golf, do they know?" What was the point of telling that joke?? He really went to town slamming environmental efforts and legislation by the Left. He then told a little story about rat heads. To paraphrase, when you buy a bottle of Coke and you drink it half way down and then discover a rat head in the bottle, you are disgusted, and you stop drinking it. You likely never drink Coke again, because the brand is tainted because of this one rat head. Billions of bottles produced regularly, but one rat head ruins it. "Republicans who vote for tax increases are rat heads in Coke bottles."

In my notes, I wrote this next.
I'm hearing too much "Judeo-Christian values" and "social conservatives" for my taste. I hear nothing about the beauty of the melting pot that is the United States. Where is the olive branch? Where are peace efforts? Where is partnership and education? It sounds like the Tea Party is all about be "Judeo Christian" or we will fight you. I do not feel this is the party of inclusiveness or belonging. This is a party of fighters.

Next up, Pastor Dr. Jim Garlow. He spoke about how he wants to see civil liberties being taught in churches. He wants pastors to stand up and bear the truths on issues. He made several references to the Black Robed Regiment. (If you don't know that story, it is an interesting piece of history, and I suggest you read it. I learned about it first last year at the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally. He also openly called for a modern day Black Robed Regiment.) Personally, I don't agree with this at all. A person's religion can greatly influence their political moral issues. But I do not believe churches should be teaching politics.

Ready for Part 3, where I talk about Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul? Keep reading!

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