Monday, June 27, 2011

I Can Do Hard Things

Little known fact about me- I rarely ever vomit. I may get nauseated and horribly ill, but actual rejection of stomach contents? Maybe once every five years.
Which is what makes 3 am last night significant, as I held my head over the porcelain throne in my every five year tribute. Mostly what I wanted to do was die. Instead, I pulled a blanket and pillow on to the floor and slept on the bathroom floor and wondered how I was going to survive the next day.
Today I had to move out of my apartment. Thankfully (and this is a long and complicated story I won't go into) the missionaries came over to help. And instead of just the two I was expecting, I got six hearty young men, ready to make this the fastest move in history. And move quickly they did. The entire apartment was loaded into the truck in under 30 minutes. (Actually having everything packed before they arrived helped.)
Moving + recovering from my 5 year tribute= not an easy feat for me.
But thankfully we all survived.
Oh and did I mention that my car is in the shop? Last Tuesday I turned it in for a repair that really should have only taken 2-4 hours to fix. As of 4 pm today they have yet to even look at it. I'm car-less. Well, I was until I got a rental car.
There's just one catch about free help and labor. My hearty young men moved all my stuff to the basement. Which means I've got to dig through complete and total chaos down there now and figure out what I need to take up to the second floor. If I sound like I am whining, I might be.
But, I remembered I can do hard things. If I can walk 20 miles dressed in petticoats, I can carry 20 boxes up the stairs (as soon as my stomach regains control).
And in the meantime I've got about 80 hours worth of work to do in less than 3 days. Anyone have a time turner I can borrow? 

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