Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I'm not 16 anymore

I am not 16 anymore. You know how I know? Because when I was 16 I could do the splits, dance for hours, and run 5 miles every day, and not have to go to bed with an ice pack.
Now? Not so much. Tonight I did some very simple yoga for an hour with the young women at church. While on an endorphin high, I took my dog out for a short sprint. Came home, and while watching So You Think You Can Dance, found myself moved by the music and dancing, and I suddenly my feet took flight, and I did a flying stag dance leap across the room. And was very painfully reminded that I am not 16 anymore.
Please pass the ibuprofen!

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  1. Hello Erin.

    I appreciate your writing, so this is a way of contacting you. Personally, my life is not as a single, but I do understand your dating comments, because the mere memory is just as painful now as it was 45 years ago. Happily married now, thank heavens that era is behind me.

    My question is about your family. Who are your parents, and do you descend from Robert McBride of the 1854 Martin handcart company? Just looking for relatives :).

    Michael Z McBride, DDS


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