Monday, June 20, 2011

Jumping out windows

Henri Matisse "Open Window"

Dear Universe:

It really is amazing what a little prayer, faith, patience, and a good nap can do for your attitude. Oh and not being completely broke helps too.

In the past few days things have gone from completely depressing, with lots of tears and anger, to rainbows and sunshine. Suddenly everything just feels right, like I didn't get hit by a train and my life got derailed last week. I was mocking that obnoxious "When God closes a door, he opens a window" platitude last week. (I'm still mocking it this week. I don't believe true doctrine can be found needle stitched onto a pillow.) But this week it feels like I have found a dozen windows and I want to jump out of them all.

I had a wonderful and unexpected weekend. I got to help take the youth from our church up to the Temple in DC. I was lucky enough to have 3 of the cutest 12, 13, and 14 yr olds you have ever met with me. (I now know more words to Justin Bieber songs than I thought possible. And I'm okay with that.) I love that age group. They just bounce so quickly between being little girls and wanting to be big girls. Having them with me all day really made me miss "Little." I can't wait for my kiddo to get here next month!

I also got to meet 2 blog readers while I was up there! Hello! You know who you are!

I can't tell you much more about the great, fun, and exciting (at least for me) things that are about to happen. But I'll unveil them one at a time as they become more public knowledge. But I will tell you this much- one of the projects takes place 15 degrees above the equator! I can't wait!

Sometimes you just have to stop and listen for the still small voice to tell you what you were scared to admit you knew all along. And then just go with it! And I am so glad I listened!

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