Friday, July 01, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

Lately I have become increasingly interested in learning more about breast cancer prevention and awareness. My interest in learning more about breast cancer prevention came from a big scare back in January and February. I was in the midst of getting my PC physical, which included a breast exam, when the doctor became concerned about a lump, and ordered more tests. The lump turned out to be nothing more than simple cysts on each side, and nothing to worry about. But the doctor did take the opportunity to give me some scary facts. Because of family history and genes, my biological sister and I have an 85% higher chance of getting breast cancer. (Which is NOT the same as saying we have an 85% chance of getting it.)
The National Cancer Institute estimates that 13.4 percent of women born today (1 in 7) will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their lives. An estimated risk represents the average risk for all women in the United States as a group. This estimate does not indicate the risk for an individual woman because of individual differences in age, family history, reproductive history, race/ethnicity, and other factors.
Learning this scary statistic has lead me to making a few changes in hopes that I'm doing what can be done to prevent getting breast cancer. For instance, lower fat foods, increased exercise, and using any product that has the little pink ribbon on it, as compared to a similar product without it. I've even donated to a nonprofit helping to fund cancer research.
I recently discovered the Breast Cancer Site. Two awesome things happen on this site. One is that you can do daily and click the big button, and another sponsor donation is made to fund mammograms! The second thing is that you can shop on their site, and every time you make a purchase, another donation is made [by sponsors]! As someone who is self-employed, and therefore cannot afford health insurance, but really should be getting mammograms, this is a very important cause to me! (Did you know women under 40 cannot qualify for a free mammogram? In spite of my high risk, I can't get a free test for 4 more years!)
How easy is that? Click a button, someone else make a donation, you get the warm fuzzy, and help save lives.
So just to make it all that much easier for you to help save the world with just a click of a button, I've brought the button to you!

Click it (daily preferably), go to their site, and click the big CLICK HERE button!

And I just found out that my awesome friend Lindsey at the r house makes a really sweet necklace for cancer survivors!
FAITH COURAGE LOVE Necklace by therhouse

Isn't it just wonderful? 

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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    The medical institutes use a lot of scare tactics. People are much better off eating healthy and avoiding toxins that cause cancer. Not sure if you have taken statistics, but they can be manipulated to prove whatever point you want.


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