Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hi and Goodbye

My week in a blurb- work, work, work, house hunt, almost moved, lake day, wake/viewing, funeral, family, prep and pack for camp, visit with family, look for more houses, pack for camp again, dog to the emergency hospital, and some other stuff I don't remember now.
In short, it has been a week!
Tomorrow morning I load up the car with gear and girls and take off for a week to girls camp. I loved girls camp when I was a teen, and I've loved it just as much getting to go back as a "grown up" leader. The blog will be appropriately neglected while I'm off in the woods.
Now for the "deep dive" into the week-
My great-aunt passed away on Tuesday. I had been a caregiver to her several times over the last few months. It was hard to say goodbye, but a joy to see her released from the pain. Her final days and hours reminded us of how close heaven really is to us.
Her funeral was just a big, fun, loud family reunion- just the way she would have liked it. It was fun to see so many cousins all at once.
One of the last things she said to me was, "When are you going to find a nice young man to marry?" I told her I was wondering the same thing myself. She promised me that she would keep her eye out for me. Let's see what kind of magic she can work from the other side!
In other events, I came very close to moving into my own place this week. We got as close as putting the first few boxes in the car, when I suddenly got the worst case of cold feet I've ever had. I backed out of it and haven't regretted it for a minute.
All of the above in their own special way lead to another major change in my near future. I've changed my Cambodia plans big time! I'm still going, but I've had to delay my trip a few weeks. More on that crazy development when the details are official.
Last but not least, my big fat doggy ate a bottle of pills this afternoon. As a result she's at the emergency vet's tonight, trying to bankrupt me. Hopefully, God willing, all will be well with her in the morning, and she can come home. I'm terrified she won't be better and I'll have to board her while I'm away at camp. I refuse to think about the worst case scenario!! Pray that the big fat doggy will puke up the pills and this nightmare can end!

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  1. love that your auntie offered to sit in your corner on the other side!!


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