Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the sunshine in

It almost seems too optimistic to say things are getting better. I've had a lot of verbal promises that I'm going to get paid, and that I can still pull off going to Cambodia. But nothing is written in stone yet. Hopefully I will have results in as little as a few hours, but maybe not yet for a few more days.
It is tiring not knowing where your life is going!
So let's think happy little thoughts, and focus on the positive, shall we?
Any minute now the phone could ring and the Peace Corps will finally be ready to place me! Really and truly- any minute now it could finally happen after a year of this process!!
In just a few hours the mailman, actually mail lady in our case, or should I say postal carrier to be politically correct? Either way, in a few hours the mailbox may finally reveal the check I have waited over 2 months for!
If you are a Facebook friend, you may have seen this in a status update. Sometime in the next week or two, a major publication will be using me in a dating contest. I have a feeling I will have to do some serious self-promotion if I want to "win" a blind date of the publication's picking. I'm sure you can't wait for details on how over 1 million people can vote on my social life. (note to self: you may be crazy)
My family is moving into a new house in just a few days. I won't be living there very long, but I am still very excited about it. As you may recall, my folks live overseas. So really, they just bought a house that I will live in alone for a while. It will be a big and empty house mostly, but what furniture in it will be surroundings I am familiar and comfortable with. After a year of living in other people's stuff, I am very happy to be in a place I can call home again! AND! My mail and I will be using the same address after being apart for over a year. This is exciting stuff I tell you.
I'm trying to get my happy and positive side back after letting doom and gloom take over for the past week. I think I'm getting there. Just a few more hours till I really know what I am up against!


  1. good luck on everything Erin, waiting is tough but a fact of life we all struggle with. Keep the faith !!

  2. hope things work out, I hope you get your check soon. That is terrible you've had to wait that long. And good luck w/the blind date-- will be exciting to learn more!


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